New Web Store Announced by US Flag Manufacturer Rushmore Rose USA to fulfill Demand

Apr 14, 2021

The premium US flag manufacturer Rushmore Rose USA launches a new web site and reveals the challenges it faced on the way to their five year anniversary.

More information on the business can be found at:

Rushmore Rose USA announces the launch of their new web store, which commemorates five wonderful but humbling years in business. This is a huge milestone for the Pennsylvania-based American Flag manufacturing business, which has provided genuine American Flags to American patriots since 2016.

Rushmore Rose USA began in 2016 when founder Charles Miller realized most American Flags sold in the USA were in fact manufactured overseas mainly in China and vowed to change this by investing into US manufacturing thereby maintaining and creating new jobs producing home grown, genuine American flags right here in America.

One of the earliest challenges Rushmore Rose USA faced was being seen in the ocean of fake foreign flags and poor customer service. While every business of course faces challenges, some, like Rushmore Rose are fortunate enough to enjoy real wins and victories too.

Once such victory came early when their listing on Amazon gained a Best Seller Badge. It then went on to achieve one hundred, then one thousand five-star reviews from satisfied customers. They now have tens of thousands of five-star reviews and are one of the leading American Flag brands which are genuinely Made in the USA.

“Unbelievable quality and craftmanship. By far the best flag I have ever purchased !” – Martin Haggerty 1st February 2021

Charles Miller, Founder and CEO at Rushmore Rose USA was quoted when discussing another big win. “One of the high points of Rushmore Rose USA’s history so far is the launch of our new web store on which we’re expanding our products consistently.”

Mr Miller says “We’re delighted to be celebrating our five year anniversary. I believe the secret to getting this far in business today is producing the highest quality American Flags right here in the US and then backing them up with outstanding customer service.”

Rushmore Rose USA currently consists of 5 employees and has big plans for the upcoming year. One of their core objectives is to provide as many genuine American flags as possible to hard-working American citizens who understand and respect what ‘Made in USA’ truly stands for. This new web store will help achieve that objective.

Rushmore Rose USA would also like to thank friends, customers and all its partners for their good wishes on this significant occasion.

More information on Rushmore Rose USA can be found at the web store link above and they can be contacted directly on email at:

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