New Kitchen Remodeling Technology – Cloud-based Kitchen Remodel Project Management For Madison WI Homeowners

Jun 1, 2017

Westring Construction LLC, Madison WI, has added the Buildertrend management tool tool to help homeowners take control of their remodeling project.

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Westring Construction LLC, Madison WI, has adopted the buildertrend cloud-based software project management tool to provide homeowners complete access to every detail of their home renovation projects, including complicated kitchen remodeling jobs. It represents a new level of transparency for any sized kitchen remodel project in Madison and south central Wisconsin.

One problem many homeowners have when managing any type of remodeling keeping up with all the moving parts. Buildtrend will enable people starting a kitchen remodeling project to gain complete control over the project from start to finish.

Details And Communication 24 Hours A day Home renovation projects, especially Kitchen remodels, are more manageable with a cloud-based tool like buildertrend because everyone involved has complete 24-hour access to all pertinent information.

At any given time, from almost anywhere, the contractor and subcontractors, homeowners and anyone involved can retrieve detailed information. Buildertrend provides access to contracts and proposals, plans, change orders, photos and daily notes.

Committed To Value-added Home Improvements The cloud-based project management tool emphasizes Westring Construction’s commitment to providing value-added services. A commitment that’s led it to become a key participant in the website featuring local contractors and information dedicated to providing helpful and insightful information to Madison WI homeowners.

“With the new software because customers with involved, intricate projects have all the documentation available at their fingertips from start to finish. The nature of a larger kitchen remodeling project dictates that ideas, questions or comments are not limited to the work day. Now whether its 11:00 AM or 11:00 PM, our clients can have immediate access to all the relevant details,” says owner James Westring.

For more information about the Westring Construction and cloud-based project management, contact James Westring at – 608-441-5435.

To learn more about the overall Westring Construction experience, visit its website

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