New JV Alert! Earn By Reselling Abhi Dwivedi’s AdsReel Software As An Affiliate

Jul 25, 2023

Looking for a way to speed up your video ad production or a new passive income stream? AdsReel’s launch on MunchEye can give you both. Discover why this is the biggest IM product launch of the year below!

There seems to be no end to the increase in video consumption. Every year, figures show that there’s still growth happening!

Just look at the latest State of Video Marketing by Wyzowl. The study found that 91% of businesses claim they use video as a marketing tool—an "all-time high", said the production company. The same study also reveals that 96% of marketers consider video an “important part” of their strategies.

The only downside of video is that its pretty resource-heavy, requiring the expertise of multiple artists, scriptwriters, and editors—but not anymore, thanks to AdsReel.

The automated video creation software has recently been added to MunchEye’s IM marketplace. For businesses, this means that they can soon take advantage of its capabilities as soon as it goes live. And for resellers, it means a new source of revenue because affiliate links are up for grabs!

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AdsReel takes advantage of proprietary AI technology to create video ads that can be used for an organization’s marketing or resold to other businesses. Its ability to produce commercials at scale makes it an ideal tool for creative and marketing agencies seeking new revenue sources.

“AdsReel utilizes AI technology to magically transform any business name worldwide into visually stunning and compelling video adverts and commercials within seconds,” its developer said. “Say goodbye to expensive production costs, endless hours of editing, and the frustrations of traditional video advert creation methods.”

The software employs text-to-video AI, meaning that you only need to enter a text prompt—in AdsReel’s case, the name of the business and its location—to start making videos.

After entering the desired prompt, the AI will gather relevant information about the business, including its logo, branding, contact details, and related images for the product or service it provides. The result is a storyboard with a completed script and a matching AI voiceover that can be further customized as needed.

AdsReel has access to millions of images and video clips, in addition to thousands of music tracks, that can be used without copyright restrictions. This ensures that all ads produced by the software can be used or sold without fear of infringing on a creator’s rights.

The software’s developers have also included training material designed to help users maximize the capabilities of the AI.

So whether you’re a business looking to speed up your video production capabilities or an affiliate marketer in need of a new product to promote, you have plenty to be excited about AdsReel!

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