New Jersey Outpatient Anxiety Treatment With Blue Cross Blue Shield Coverage

Dec 20, 2023

If you or a loved one is dealing with daily challenges caused by an anxiety disorder, Relevance Behavioral Health in New Jersey (866-245-1497) offers specialized Outpatient Group Therapy programs covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance. Reach out today.

Can you think of a time when someone startled you in a way they thought was all in harmless fun, but which just about dropped you to your knees?

This is your body's ‘fight or flight’ response gone a little haywire. When you're frightened, your heart rate quickly accelerates - which is a good thing - but if your brain instantly realizes you're not in peril it can put on the brakes too quickly, leaving you somewhere in the middle of a calm, cool reaction, and darn near passing out.

Fight or flight reactions to situations your brain perceives as unsafe are normal and healthy, but for those who struggle with an anxiety disorder, this type of reaction can be triggered by everyday situations. And the outcomes are often paralyzing.

If your anxiety is persistent, intense, and impacting your ability to function, it could be a sign you need to reach out for support.

Relevance Behavioral Health is here to help.

Relevance Behavioral Health is home to intensive outpatient group therapy programs aimed at helping you overcome your anxiety so you can live a happy, calm, and contented life.

And here's even better news: if you're a Blue Cross Blue Shield policyholder, your benefits will cover some, most, or nearly all your therapy, depending on the health plan you've selected.

Speak to an admissions specialist to go over your coverage and to connect with the anxiety treatment that suits you best, at


In 2008, Congress passed the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act to ensure those in need of therapy and treatment for their disorders can access available care. This includes care for co-occurring disorders, a term used to describe a mental health diagnosis, like depression or anxiety, coupled with a substance abuse disorder.

As a Blue Cross Blue Shield affiliated treatment center, Relevance Behavioral Health offers a range of outpatient programs, including intensive outpatient group therapy covered by this, a federation of 34 independent and locally operated BCBSA companies that provide health care coverage to more than 115 million Americans.

Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage comes in different levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, which typically cover 60%, 70%, 80%, and 90% of overall treatment costs, respectively. This can contribute significantly to your frequency and length of treatment without you shouldering a huge financial load.

“With the inclusion of Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage for our Intensive Outpatient Group Therapy, we’re able to alleviate financial barriers to critical treatments. Our IOPs offer a customized, holistic, multidisciplinary approach to wellness. Our intensive outpatient group therapy programs give clients the opportunity to discuss their struggles with their peers under the guidance of an accredited counselor for an added layer of support, compassion, and understanding.”


The Intensive Outpatient Group Therapy program at Relevance Behavioral Health is structured to offer treatment that won’t interrupt your daily routines and responsibilities. Together with a group of your peers going through the same mental health struggles, you can talk about your anxiety and learn how to build resilience, develop healthy thought patterns, and get the tools you need to be kinder to yourself, and to take care of yourself in a world which, let's face it, can feel very cold and indifferent sometimes.

Access to these services, combined with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and alternative therapies like massage therapy, music therapy, and biofeedback therapy can be especially helpful in combatting worries and anxieties that are interfering with your ability to function in social situations.


Blue Cross Blue Shield offers coverage for a full range of treatment programs at Relevance Behavioral Health in addition to their outpatient therapy programs. This includes medically supervised addiction detox; inpatient care; individual, family and group therapy services; aftercare and sober living programs; and much more.

Is it time you addressed your anxiety so you can finally put it to rest? Knowing that you're not alone can help as you pursue the path to recovery.

Learn more about Relevance Behavioral Health and their Intensive Outpatient Group Therapy program at:

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