New Dog Training Website Teaches Owners How To Train Pets To Avoid Traffic

Oct 16, 2021

Introducing: Professor Dumbledog! We are a new magical pet training website that gives you all the tips and tricks you need to protect your dogs from harm.

Do you know that millions of dogs each year die from a highly preventable accident? That’s right! Every day, a dog is run over by a speeding car and dies. But we can prevent this by training our dogs to avoid moving traffic.

Hi, my name is Brandon Kelly and I am on a mission to stop dogs from dying from vehicular accidents. For the last several years, I have lived a happy and fulfilling life as a professional dog trainer in metropolitan Chicago. Still, I felt that despite more people owning a dog (or two, or three), many pet owners remain unaware of the number one risk that endangers their pets’ lives!

That’s why I made a new website, Professor Dumbledog, to help YOU keep your dogs safe and healthy.

Go to now.

I discuss all of this in my new ebook, “Professor Dumbledog’s Four Simple Steps Canine Training Method”. Here, you’ll learn how to train your dogs so that they don’t cross streets without supervision and in case they do, how they must react to a moving vehicle.

To access my ebook, I invite you to first watch a FREE introductory video on Professor Dumbledog. The video gives an overview of what you can do immediately to protect your dogs.

The new ebook also explains how to correct problem behavior such as spraying and excessive barking. This is particularly useful if you’ve just adopted a rescue dog. Typically, these pets have some sort of previous trauma that can be addressed in a loving home. You’re encouraged to practice patience so that your adopted pet learns that they are now in a safe environment.

Through time, adopted dogs can be trained to be happy and healthy pets.

Still, the most important dog training is for them to learn how to avoid traffic.

My new landing page gives my most valuable video lesson away for free. Once you access my website, I challenge you to identify the most common non-natural cause of death today in America. The cause of death for more than 3,200 dogs EVERY DAY!

Just as Professor Dumbledore gave important lessons to Harry Potter to save his life, I give you the essential tips to save your animal’s life one day.

Go to so you can learn more. 

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