New Blog Features Local Events & Natural Wonders To Visit In Old Forge

May 1, 2023

Looking for places worth experiencing in New York & Wisconsin? Read about some hidden gems in Old Forge & Milwaukee, in the AboutPlacesPedia blog which shares some insights on each area’s natural beauty, upcoming events, culinary specialties, shopping destinations, and significant landmarks.

When you search 'Must See Places In New York' or 'Unique Places in Wisconsin,' you only receive an array of articles churning out the same ten places and tips. Let's change things up and explore these states in new and exciting ways with AboutPlacesPedia's fresh perspective.

Have you been to Old Forge? Or Milwaukee? Even if they weren't on your list of places to visit, they probably will be once you're done browsing through the blog features on the unique things each area has to offer.

Must-see places, must-do activities, must-eat food, and must-attend events all await you at

As a nod to New York's picturesque side, the blog explores what the state's Old Forge region has to offer in terms of its scenic lakes, beaches, and mountainous regions. You will also find which places to visit in order to access the best hiking trails, water-based activities, and mountain biking routes.

The blog also features major local events, one of which is Wisconsin's annual Summerfest event. In a dedicated post, AboutPlacesPedia provides a look into the origins of the music festival and also furnishes details on the music performances, food, and activities on offer during this 11-day event.

AboutPlacesPedia's posts feature both the site-seeing and living experience across various parts of the US. The authoring team explores these regions from the perspective of both a tourist and a local, giving in-depth information for people looking to relocate to certain US states as well.

About AboutPlacesPedia

AboutPlacesPedia, which is run by a group of writers and researchers, provides insightful knowledge about both frequented and lesser-known regions across the US. It also provides need-to-know tips and advice regarding the best time to visit, cost, visa requirements, flights, accommodation, and any travel restrictions to keep in mind.

With spring soon upon us, the blog is a useful resource for both US residents and visitors alike. So if you're looking to discover more than just the usual crowd-pulling spots, give AboutPlacesPedia a read.

Explore the US with us by visiting to get a wealth of information that you can actually put to good use.

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