Nebraska Product X-Ray Inspection Solutions Ensure Packaging Integrity

Sep 14, 2023

If you feel your Nebraska food and beverage packaging business could use a boost in terms of product contents verification, you should check out Pack & Inspect Group’s (855-232-1850) product X-ray inspection systems.

These days, food and beverage packaging companies often augment their use of metal detection systems with X-ray product inspection technology because it can detect non-metallic foreign materials. It can also check product integrity by identifying incorrect fill levels, incorrect piece counts, and misshapen products in a package.

If you think engaging one of these systems would be a good move for your Nebraska F&B packaging company, Pack & Inspect Group of Dubuque, Iowa can help you make that move.

Given the direction the market is going in, it does indeed seem to be a good idea. By 2027, the global X-ray food and pharmaceutical inspection equipment market is expected to grow from about $250 million to $371.2 million in value. In response to this growing demand, Pack & Inspect Group announces the availability of METTLER TOLEDO Safeline X-ray inspection systems.

You can find out more about them at

The dual-energy X-ray inspection systems offer you added value amongst other technologies in the marketplace with maximum detection sensitivity for softer contaminants - such as rubber, plastic, rocks, and stones - in difficult applications. Furthermore, the machines produce minimum false rejects and offer you the most user-friendly operation available on the market.

You can also use the Safeline X-ray models for a wide range of application types, both simple and more complex, such as processing packaged products, individual or bulk flow unpackaged products, food service and bulk ingredient bags, final shipper cases, and more.

With these X-ray systems, you'll enjoy the support of METTLER TOLEDO’s national network of field service technicians, the iPac support paradigm, and their five-year X-ray generator warranty, which comes standard with both standard and comprehensive service contracts.

You'll also enjoy the systems’ multifaceted capabilities, such as the highly configurable X36 series' ability to execute the most demanding applications, or the X34 series' enhanced sensitivities, allowing a full range of detection capabilities for metal, glass, rocks, stones, calcified bone, dense rubber, and plastic.

About Pack & Inspect Group:

Headquartered in Dubuque, Iowa, Pack & Inspect Group helps companies in the food and beverage packaging industries choose the technology and products necessary to satisfy their needs and reach their business goals. They understand that clients’ products need to be safely and efficiently conveyed and inspected for contents verification, purity, and package and labeling integrity. Pack & Inspect Group represents the best of the major manufacturers in the industry to Upper Midwest F&B packaging companies to help them select and implement the technologies they need.

“We bring over 100 combined years of experience in the food and beverage packaging industries,” a company representative said. “At Pack & Inspect Group, we represent the premier brands in the industry for packaging, inspection, and product handling in the Midwest.”

As X-ray inspection systems continue to advance and become more commonplace in the F&B packaging industry, more application-specific solutions are replacing one-size-fits-all systems.

METTLER TOLEDO Safeline X-ray inspection systems help bring Nebraska F&B packaging companies into the future with their multifaceted capabilities and enhanced detection sensitivities.

Learn how you can upgrade your company's product inspection systems at

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