Mini Bull Terrier Cleverly Works Out Without Sweating In This New Report

Jun 3, 2020

If you’re a dog lover and you like stories of smart dogs then you should read My Best Bark’s newest article! You’ll meet Sparky, a mini bull terrier, who doesn’t like exercising, but smartly joins his master without sweating.

Are you a dog fanatic? Like a good story that features them? Then you’re in luck! Catch a glimpse of this mini bull terrier as he joins in his owner’s workouts in the cleverest ways so as not to break a sweat.

My Best Bark, an online dog lover’s site, has launched a new report. The canine report features a mini bull terrier joining in his owner’s workout sessions in the laziest ways possible.

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The new story was written by dog fanatic Riley Kay, and it opens with an introduction of the main character. It says the five-year-old bull terrier, who goes by the name Sparky, is not fond of engaging in physical activities of any sort. In fact, he prefers to be cuddled by his family as opposed to doing anything that would cause him to sweat.

This is proven true as the article continues, recounting one particular day when Sparky’s owner, Silvio Siamo, takes him for a walk. According to Riley, the mini bull terrier decided to stop midway during the walk and lay flat on his stomach. This resulted in Siamo having to drag him the remainder of the way home.

Nonetheless, the report informs us that Siamo is well aware of his pet’s lazy mannerisms and loves him completely. Being an “exercise buff”, Siamo has now moved his workout sessions to his home since the COVID 19 lockdown in Italy, where they reside.

That being stated, the article moves to the main highlight: Sparky’s actions during Siamo’s home workouts. Readers are informed that despite being a lazy dog, Sparky seems to feel left out whenever his owner is working out. As a result, he finds ways to join in on the workout without having to do any actual working out.

One way in which Sparky does this, according to the story, is by laying down under Siamo, with his feet up, while his master engages in his push-ups reps. This he does in order to be showered with kisses every time Siamo would lower himself to the floor.

“Siamo does not mind at all if he’s the only one sweating—what’s important is that his dog keeps him company and makes him forget about how dire the situation is now that Italy is under quarantine,” the report states.

It concludes by disclosing Siamo’s gratitude for Sparky’s company during the COVID 19 lockdown which has been taking a toll on citizens of Italy and other parts of the world. The story comes attached with a video of Sparky in action as he receives his master’s “workout kisses”.

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