Million Dollar Mindset & Self-Promotion Techniques: Program For New Consultants

Aug 8, 2023

Want to make money in the consulting or course selling industry? Jeanne Omlor has the high-impact techniques that can lead you to success!

The most successful business leaders seem preoccupied with the quest for mental clarity. How many CEOs have you seen meditating, perched on a rock above the ocean, discussing traditional methods for clearing one's mind of fear and inhibitions? I've seen more than my share, and I'd wager you have as well. Why is that, though?

In the words of basketball legend Phil Jackson, "If you have a clear mind, you won't need to search for direction - direction will come to you."

Of course, he said this in reference to sports, but the same holds true for all things in life, including business. Now, Jeanne Omlor is bringing those words to life in a new program that she called the "Business Success Accelerator" . In this program, you can learn the secrets to a clear mind, and to a successful self-directed career.

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Through this program, which is now open to new applicants, you will learn mindset and self-promotion techniques designed to help establish your initial audience and push through difficult roadblocks as you start your business or consulting service. The program leverages the most up-to-date SEO techniques, balanced with high-impact mindset coaching.

The techniques presented in the program focus on using your pre-existing network on sites such as LinkedIn to draw in your first few clients, establishing the foundation for future growth. These methods both will allow you to connect with high-value clients more easily, all without spending additional capital on ads.

During the 8-week program, you will connect with a group of fellow participants to share experiences, provide and receive encouragement, and receive actionable advice from Jeanne. These group sessions are supplemented by one-on-one conferences with Jeanne, during which you will discuss your future goals and develop action plans to meet them.

Jeanne has developed the techniques presented in this program throughout her own career as a consultant and career coach. She became well known in the industry following a 2-year period of explosive success, over which time she was able to grow her service into a million-dollar enterprise through the use of these techniques.

One client shared her experience and said this, “Ever since I joined BSA, I have dreamed of sharing a big win. Today is the day: I finally closed my first 3k client, who is also my first ever paying client. This is the first money I have made online through coaching, and I can’t believe this is really happening for me. I couldn’t have done it without Jeanne and the rest of the group.”

With a clear mind and a clear plan of attack, all things are possible. Jeanne holds the secrets that can lead you to the success you have always dreamed of, and can show you that the true power was within you all along.

Jeanne is available to provide you with a personal consultation regarding your interest in the program. She has pledged to accept those who will benefit most from the advice presented into the program, and to direct those who may not be a good fit for the program to other, more relevant material or programs.

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