This Success Coach For New Business Consultants Teaches Mindset Strategies

Feb 9, 2024

Jeanne Omlor’s Business Success Accelerator program is the place to be if you want to supercharge your consulting career by launching your business the right way.

The Wide & Wonderful World Of Consulting

Consulting has quickly taken center stage as a great way to make money online independently, especially among niche experts. If you want to count yourself among the hundreds of thousands who are currently enjoying the freedom that the consulting life can bring, though, then you'll need to learn the ropes first.

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That's right: I'm talking boot camp - or, at least, something like it.

Rather, I'm talking about Jeanne Omlor, your personal sergeant in the consulting world, only instead of shouting in your face and making you run drills, she will stand behind you and provide encouragement as you pursue your business dreams. A sort of "sergeant of kindness", if you will.

This proverbial boot camp is actually known as the Business Success Accelerator program, a powerful training that will help you focus, clarify, and execute your business plan to truly thrive in the consulting space.

Interested? Great! Read on!

The BSA: Your Path To Success

Jeanne’s program contains a wealth of knowledge gathered from her own experience as an industry-leading consultant, bringing a fresh, practical perspective to the table. Specifically, she is adapting many of her proven strategies to the rapidly changing online environment, taking into account the development of new technologies and best practices.

This program is being continuously updated and expanded to keep up with the rapidly growing demand in the consulting space for a competent and comprehensive fast-track program. 

Despite setbacks, the business consulting and coaching industries are expected to experience rapid growth in the years to come - and if you hope to compete, you will need the knowledge that she is sharing!

A Journey In Three Parts

Jeanne’s program consists of three main sections, each working together to create a cohesive support system for new consultants. They are as follows:

  1. The first of these sections is made up of pre-recorded lectures, watchable at any pace to help the program fit into the busy schedules of its participants. In these lectures, Jeanne presents the basics of online branding, business planning, and offer design, setting the foundation for what will come in the later modules.
  2. She supplements these modules with direct, confidential, one-on-one coaching, during which she expounds upon and helps implement the practices discussed in the modules. At this time, she will also help each participant develop an action plan for the future, both near-term and far down the line.
  3. Finally, you will be given the opportunity to join Jeanne’s BSA discussion group, an online space to connect with other participants and practice the mindset techniques that Jeanne teaches. Group members are encouraged to share their successes while also working through difficult problems together in tandem.

Interested in becoming a part of the new and improved Business Success Accelerator? You can do so by scheduling a free consultation with Jeanne at the link below.

Remember, when you join, you aren't just becoming a part of a coaching program, you are taking the first step down a long road to success!

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