Maximize Your Kitchen Space: Get A Custom Pass-Thru Window With Full-Bound Sill

Jun 7, 2023

Top gas strut awning window designers and manufacturers OpenUp Windows have unveiled an exciting innovation for homeowners seeking additional kitchen space. With their full-bound sill solution, now you can streamline the connection between your indoor and outdoor areas.

If you love hosting vibrant gatherings at your home and you're looking for a better design flow between your kitchen and your outdoor areas, OpenUp Windows has the solution. A gas strut pass-through awning window is the key to achieving the perfect style-function fusion.

OpenUp Windows offers easy window installation and seamless indoor/outdoor integration. And with full-bound sill, you get casing on all four sides of your window's interior, replacing the stool and apron. This breakthrough design solution ensures a more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing gas strut awning window that maximizes your kitchen layout and connects you with the outdoors.

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With the increasing popularity of gas strut pass-through windows, homeowners are replacing their double hung windows with this more functional, space increasing, awning window design. If this is your goal, OpenUp Windows makes the process easy and efficient. They offer a full-bound sill along with customizable sizing and glass options to meet your every need.

“At OpenUp Windows, features meet function. Our carefully crafted pass-through windows have been thoughtfully designed to make indoor/outdoor living at home more fun and convenient,” says a company spokesperson. “No detail has been overlooked at OpenUp Windows, right down to the replaceable gas struts at each jamb, a single operating lever for smooth and easy opening and locking operation, and the full-bound sill for seamless indoor/outdoor integration.”

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With the absence of a protruding window stool and apron, your pass-through window gives you more countertop space and ample room for serving food, beverages, and utensils back and forth from your kitchen to your guests and family in the backyard.

Computer cut precision coupled with handcrafted expertise and individual window approval guarantees every awning window that is shipped meets OpenUp Windows' rigorous quality specifications.

Company owner and inventor Ed Page brings over 40 years of window design and engineering experience to OpenUp Windows, and is even the inventor of the company’s proprietary 2Fold Technology. This is an engineering solution that marries the benefits of heavy extruded tubular aluminum with the natural beauty and durability of sustainable Accoya® wood.

Your pass-through window comes with an industry-leading 10-year warranty plus a 40-year Accoya® wood warranty that guarantees protection against damage from the weather as well as protection against pests and termites.

You can choose from a range of standard awning window sizes or, you can request a custom size. Customizable glass is also available to ensure your pass-through window offers the protection you need against the weather in your area while meeting your local building codes.

With full-bound sill, customizable options, and seamless installation versatility, OpenUp Windows creates a cohesive and integrated connection between your indoor and outdoor areas for the extra kitchen space you want and a durable, long-lasting pass-through solution you need.

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