Massive Wall Art From Up-And-Coming Artists Helps Realtors Showcase Houses

Aug 29, 2023

Emerging artists take the spotlight in this collection of fabric wall prints from BIG Wall Décor. With more than 1,200 unique designs, the online retailer is a great resource for realtors who regularly stage houses for their clients.

Art's true power is not in its ability to portray, but its ability to evoke, a wise novelist once said. It moves beyond the wall to grab the invisible strings of our hearts. It's inexplicable, yet powerful.

Good art creates subconscious emotional attraction to moments, spaces, and places. And good realtors like you know that different spaces require varied vibes to set the right mood. So why does so much framed artwork look the same? BIG Wall Décor solves this problem with head-turning wall art from emerging artists.

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The oversized art retailer collaborates with more than 65 artists, including photographers, painters, digital creators, and other media designers from around the globe. The site’s vast catalog includes more than 1,200 unique pieces, making it an excellent one-stop resource if you need to revamp spaces quickly before showings. Works offered range from realistic landscapes to surrealist portraits and everything in between.

Clients often leave their current homes for practical reasons. They need more space. The commute to a new job is too long. An aging family member needs longer-term care. These situations and more motivate people to move to a new house. But they could choose any house that meets their needs within their desired radius. So what is it that gets them to seal the deal?

While clients' motivation to buy a home is often pragmatic, choosing a house is usually a very emotional decision, according to studies from The Mortgage Reports. They may select a specific neighborhood because of schools, or proximity to a job. But they often pick a certain house based on how it makes them feel, or by picturing their future goals, hopes, and dreams taking shape in those four walls. Can they see themselves rocking a newborn? Hanging stockings on the mantle? Relaxing with friends and family?

Cookie-cutter art that could just as easily grace a dentist’s waiting room rarely evokes an emotional response. But unique, intentional art from emerging artists can help spark feelings and conversations that put clients in their dream homes and put a commission in your pocket. Likewise, the artist also gets a cut each time one of their prints is purchased.

If you have a space that needs a thought-provoking, surreal look, consider work from Barcelona-based Fran Rodriguez. West Coast nature photographer Jared Q. Gunderson delivers misty, ethereal forest and mountain images, while Nick Ford offers an eclectic mix of the outdoors and the everyday from fresh angles. Looking for something summery? Works by Jess Loiterton infuse walls with bright, beachy splashes.

The world's largest online oversized art retailer, BIG Wall Décor offers unique framing and print options that give you much-needed flexibility. A number of the store’s frames open to accommodate new prints when you need to make a quick change. Their high-definition images are printed on luxury fabric that resists tearing and fading, and the fabric used offers a budget-friendly, lightweight alternative to canvas that’s easier to handle and hang.

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