Collection Of Massive Fabric Calming Art Prints Help Homeowners De-Stress

Aug 28, 2023

BIG Wall Décor, a seller of massive wall prints, announces a curated collection of calming pieces specially selected from its extensive catalog. The retailer offers specialized frames with fabric prints that can be easily swapped out for redecorating.

Does it ever feel like the weight of the world is pressing down on you? Like stress is closing in from every angle?

It's time to fight back and keep the world from stealing our peace by turning our homes into tranquil retreats where we can relax and recharge. And a curated collection of calming art from BIG Wall Décor does just that!

If you'd like to see or shop the collection, visit

If you're feeling this way, you're not alone. Stress seems to be on the rise, according to statistics from the American Psychological Association. A recent survey reported that three-quarters of Americans felt their stress levels rose over the past year. More than a quarter of those believed 2023 would bring even more stress. And sadly, they seem to be right.

But even if the outside world is stressful, you can create an oasis of peace within your four walls by decorating with intention. And BIG Wall Décor’s calming art collection offers a variety of styles in square and rectangular sizes. There's something to fit every space and every wall, both in terms of size and taste.

If outdoors is your happy place, bring some of the outdoors indoors with nature shots from photographer Jared Q. Gunderson. Experts say that trees and nature can help lower stress levels, and designs reminiscent of them help re-create the mood. Many find abstract looks, which evoke the emotions with interplay of color and shape, help quiet the mind. If designs like these help you relax, consider the fluid lines and colorful flow of paintings by Artur Chen. For something truly otherworldly, look at surrealist images like those from Frank Moth. His unique portraits give you permission to step back from reality and embrace your inner creativity.

Not sure where to start? Find pieces that will help create a good balance of color, pattern, and texture within the room, according to experts from the consulting firm Design with Science. Walls that are too plain are just as jarring as environments that are too visually busy. When making a final choice, remember that décor incorporating curves and fluid lines is often more visually relaxing than those featuring an abundance of sharp right angles.

Works in the collection were selected from more than 1200 pieces the online retailer offers. There’s something to suit every bedroom, living room, or workspace, according to company representatives.

“Our curated selection is designed to evoke a sense of peace, relaxation, and harmony,” a spokesperson for the company explained. “In a fast-paced world filled with constant stimuli, finding moments of calm can be challenging. Our calm wall art pieces aim to be a visual retreat, offering a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.”

The company’s unique business model takes the stress out of redecorating. The high-definition images are printed on luxury fabric that’s lighter than traditional canvas prints, so they’re easier to hang and move. Prints come in a variety of sizes and framing options - some of which are open to accommodate other designs when you want a change.

BIG Wall Décor is the world’s largest online oversized art retailer. If you'd like to shop the calming collections, or view other offerings, visit

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