Marketing Resources For Permanent Makeup Artists: Best AI Content Creation Tools

Jul 18, 2023

Advanced PMU will help you set up your business, or take it further with marketing strategies that harness the power of AI and social media. Check them out today!

Every day, you see countless social media posts of people finding a "hidden gem" who does the best hair, nails, or makeup. But do you know how those unknown places finally got discovered? Marketing. Find out how to get your business out there, too, and start seeing more customers!

Advanced PMU is dedicated to helping artists scale their businesses and connect with more clients. The membership platform is designed to provide the necessary content creation and marketing guides to help businesses reach their target market.

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The platform offers three membership types - monthly, yearly, or lifetime. Whichever you choose, you will have access to marketing guides, stock photos, social media templates, AI tools, educational e-books, and updates on the most recent market trends. You will also get email marketing templates to help you introduce your business to potential customers.

Understanding that social media is an important part of modern marketing, Advanced PMU’s AI tools and chat services enhance your content by creating catchy captions to keep engagement high on social media platforms. The AI tools also provide templates for blog titles and outlines that make creating engaging blog posts easier. Additionally, a marketing chatbot is available to provide immediate, reliable answers to any customer inquiries.

Advanced PMU’s marketing guides, specifically created to foster the growth of beauty businesses, teach you how to maximize your marketing strategies without investing excessive time in content creation and skill-specific research. The platform adds new guides monthly, covering various topics, including Facebook and Instagram marketing, making effective website and landing pages, using Google Suite, and utilizing search engine optimization.

Aside from the guides and DIY tools that help businesses grow their customer engagement, Advanced PMU also offers website design for their members and a comprehensive marketing setup that eliminates the hassle of deciphering analytics and managing multiple accounts.

“We understand that the journey to success extends beyond mastering the craft. In the competitive landscape of permanent makeup, marketing plays a vital role. However, effective marketing often comes with high costs. To bridge this gap, we created the Advanced PMU Membership. This platform is designed to arm PMU artists with the resources to shine - from guides and templates to continuous training,” a representative said.

Strategic marketing with Advanced PMU helps establish a strong brand image and reputation, setting you apart in the highly competitive beauty industry. It gives your brand an edge through suitable ad placements and brand positioning. Utilizing social media, you create direct engagement with your audience through different platforms, improving customer relationships. All these strategies lead to increased sales by driving more traffic to your business and converting leads into customers.

Additionally, Advanced PMU's marketing techniques allow for customer data collection, providing insights into their behavior and preferences, which can help improve your products and business strategies. Finally, effective marketing encourages community building around your brand and turns customers into brand ambassadors.

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