Grow Your Makeup Business With This Marketing Training Program For PMU Artists

May 1, 2023

If you’re a permanent makeup artist looking to grow your business and build your brand you should consider enrolling in Advanced PMU’s new Advanced PMU Membership program.

Permanent makeup allows people to correct poorly executed beauty treatments, combat the effects of physical limitations and medical conditions, and ultimately look their best! Similarly, Advanced PMU's new Advanced PMU Membership program helps the artists and businesses that provide permanent makeup services to look their best too!

That's right! If you're a permanent makeup artist, the new membership program provides you with professional marketing tools and advice to help grow your business. The membership includes access to guides, resources, templates, swipe files, and more, with content being added and updated monthly.

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Standing out in the permanent makeup industry can be difficult. Providing exceptional service is one thing, but ensuring your services are visible and accessible to the public is another. The Advanced PMU Membership is a full-service program designed to help all permanent makeup artists, even ones with no marketing experience at all, effectively market their businesses.

The membership includes a range of marketing guides offering simple strategies for building your social media presence, enhancing websites and landing pages, integrating Google Suite, and improving search engine optimization. The guides provide step-by-step instructions compiled by professionals with years of industry experience.

In addition to the marketing guides, the membership also provides you with access to resources and templates. A variety of stock photos, videos, and swipe files are available for you to use. It also offers a collection of editable social media, email, advertising, and website templates that can be fully customized to your business’s particular branding and aesthetic.

“Our Advanced PMU Membership program provides all the resources our clients need to market and grow their permanent makeup businesses,” said a spokesperson for the company. “All of our content and guides are added and updated every month, ensuring our clients stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends.”

While there are of course many external factors that play a role in the success of a business, Advanced PMU believes that by joining the membership program, permanent makeup artists stand a much better chance of achieving success.

In the future, Advanced PMU has plans to add more services to the membership program. They intend to offer full website design services, helping you take your website from idea to finished product. They also hope to offer marketing set-up for businesses in which they save you the hassle of organizing accounts, analytics, and pixels by doing it for you. Lastly, they also want to become a full-consultancy service, allowing you to receive more personalized advice through discussions, meetings, and conferences.

The Advanced PMU Membership is available at three subscription levels—Monthly, Yearly, and Lifetime. All three memberships include marketing guides, resources, and templates, as well as educational eBooks and member services. The Yearly and Lifetime memberships automatically include all monthly updates, while the Monthly is contingent upon renewal. The costs of the memberships are $98, $498, and $998 respectively.

About Advanced PMU

Advanced PMU was started by certified permanent makeup artist Anna An. An industry leader in permanent makeup services, they have helped thousands of clients fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, and fill in over-plucked brows. They also provide hair loss solutions, including scalp micropigmentation.

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