Manhattan Interstate Moving For Family Homes: Tips To Make Heavy Moving Easy

Aug 9, 2023

Moving out from a family home in Manhattan and got some heavy stuff to take with you?’s (1-866-343-1243) new article has lots of helpful tips on how to make the process easier for everyone involved.

Moving out of a family home can be heavy in more ways than one - not just the heavy furniture but also the weight of accumulated memories, both good and bad.

Hopefully, you won’t take it all with you (at least not the bad memories), but if you have to take the furniture and other heavy items,’s new guide can help you and your family put in the necessary elbow grease as safely and efficiently as possible.

You'll learn about route planning, proper lifting techniques, materials to make moving heavy furniture easier, how to prepare appliances for moving, how to use moving equipment or make your own, and how to move heavy furniture in risky places, like stairs.

The new article furthers’s mission to provide useful, accessible relocation advice to movers like you all across the US in the form of how-to guides and videos. They also want to make moving services more accessible for everyone through their website’s complimentary quote services, which offer estimates of hiring costs for high-quality moving companies closest to users’ locations.

The guide suggests that if your family is living in a home with lots of heavy furniture like dressers, bedsteads, chests, dining tables, and armchairs, you should try several ways to make moving the furniture easier. You can make the items lighter by removing drawers, shelves, and other contents, or by disassembling them, making sure to keep track of the screws and bolts you'll need for reassembly.

You can also make moving your heavy furniture easier by using furniture pads or furniture sliders. The first protects pieces from damage, and the second reduces friction when you push the furniture across the floor. If you need to move your heavy furniture downstairs, you can make a makeshift ramp with two boards, or you can use moving tools like moving straps or hand trucks. has been offering movers such advice for over 25 years. They have helped more than 6 million people so far, with a 95% satisfaction rate. Their network of vetted, qualified moving service providers includes over 700 companies. Their website boasts a comprehensive collection of moving guides, over 150 how-to videos, and a frequently updated blog stocked with expert advice and the latest industry insights.

“We help people move every day, so we know what a fair, hard-working, and professional mover is comprised of,” a company representative explained. “Before a moving company joins our network, we check that they have fulfilled any state and federal regulatory compliances.”

Even if you've got your smooth-as-a-slider heavy-furniture-moving plan ready to go after reading the guide, you may have a lot of heavy pieces and want to hire professional movers. can help you out with that, too.

You can get several totally free quotes from approved companies in's network that are active in or near Manhattan, NY at

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