Managed IT Service For Architects: Enhance Cybersecurity & Business Connectivity

Aug 30, 2023

Is the IT infrastructure at your architecture firm struggling to keep up with your business growth? Partner with Intelligent Technical Solutions to get round-the-clock technology support!

Finding the right technology MSP for your architectural business can help you expand into new territories and protect your data from cybercrime - discover the full range of benefits by reading Intelligent Technical Solutions' (ITS) guide!

In 7 chapters, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Managed IT for Architecture Firms’ covers the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing to an MSP, the costs involved in doing so, and offer you advice on choosing a provider that best suits your needs.

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With its guide, Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS) wants to assist architects looking to embrace customized technology-driven solutions, such as analytics, cybersecurity, and cloud computing support. By partnering with a managed service provider (MSP), you can significantly streamline your tech processes while focusing on what you are doing best, the company says.

The MSP explains that you might consider outsourcing IT processes to a third-party provider if you are concerned about compliance and security issues, or if you are pursuing growth but do not yet have the resources to maintain internal IT staff.

With an MSP, you can stay at the forefront of technological advances without having to invest in software and hardware. As such, you can operate at the level of a larger firm without exceeding your budgetary restraints.

For example, an MSP such as ITS can undertake your cybersecurity and information compliance obligations, providing end-to-end protection from malware, data breaches, and scams.

According to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, approximately 60% of small businesses will close within six months of a cyberattack. As such, preventative measures are essential for architectural start-ups or smaller firms that can easily fall victim to cybercrimes.

Similarly, MSPs can optimize your business connectivity by implementing VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) infrastructure and other communication strategies, helping your firm maintain productivity and reduce downtime. For projects reliant on collaboration between both remote and office-based workers, cloud computing and managed comms can facilitate teamwork and prevent delays, ITS says.

In addition to achieving operational enhancements and scalability, partnering with an MSP can also help you keep your IT expenditure predictable. With the certainty of a fixed cost for IT, your firm can more accurately calculate project quotes and ensure your profit margins are reasonable for growth, ITS adds.

For over 20 years, Intelligent Technical Solutions has been helping companies grow by filling in their skill gaps and scaling their IT capabilities - find out how you can get 24/7 support by scheduling a meeting today!

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