Malco Disinfectant Wipes For Vehicle Interior Cleaning; How Effective Are They?

Jul 31, 2023

Discover the fastest and most effective way to disinfect vehicles in your garage: Malco Disinfectant Wipes! Read The Autobody Source’s full report on this nifty product.

Looking for the best disinfectant for cars? Then read this report on Malco Disinfectant Wipes shared by The Autobody Source.

The resource is part of the company’s mission to promote enhanced sanitization in vehicle repair shops in light of the recent pandemic. Its editors carefully assessed the cleaning wipes to verify their efficacy and efficiency - and to help you decide if you should try them.

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The team notes the convenient form factor, which allows you to spot-clean both vehicle interiors and exteriors. More importantly, the wipes can quickly disinfect high-touch areas, with Malco saying it can kill 99.9% of bacteria in 15 seconds. The manufacturer also notes that the product is effective against COVID-19 when used on hard, non-porous surfaces.


According to research conducted by Aston University, a vehicle can harbor significantly more germs than even a bathroom. This is because of constant hand contact, people eating in their cars, and automobiles not being regularly cleaned.

As such, disinfecting a car after it has been repaired or serviced is paramount — especially given the COVID pandemic. The Autobody Source finds that Malco Disinfecting Wipes strike a good balance between ease of use and powerful germ-killing ability. Editors note that you can use the wipes when disinfecting steering wheels, seat belt buckles, child restraint seats, door handles, mirrors, dashboards, gear shift levels, and accessory control knobs.


Each wipe lets you accomplish three actions simultaneously: cleaning, disinfection, and deodorization. Hence, editors say this product can streamline the disinfection process, allowing you to service more vehicles in less time.


Another standout feature highlighted in the report is the safe cleaning agent used in the wipes. Despite its powerful pathogen-killing effect, the product is free from alcohol and bleach, noxious cleaners that can harm your technicians’ skin and may be inhaled by car owners. The lack of these chemicals also means that your clients do not have to worry about their pets or kids coming into contact with surfaces disinfected by the wipes.


You can choose from various SKUs, which range from cases of six to a five-gallon option. As such, you can get the product that fits your budget and frequency of use.

When it comes to disinfecting your clients’ vehicles, you can’t take chances. That’s why you should read The Autobody Source’s in-depth review of Malco Disinfectant Wipes.

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