Make Delicious Rich Coffee At Home With This Stainless Steel French Press

Apr 22, 2021

Looking for a durable and affordable coffee maker? This award-winning double-insulated Stainless Steel French Press with a two-screen granule filter is the best on the market!

Are you tired of mediocre drip coffee at home and expensive lattes on the way to work? There is an easy and affordable way to make rich delicious coffee at home!

SterlingPro, a premium-quality French press manufacturer, launched its updated award-winning multi-use Stainless Steel French Press on Amazon. Its stylish design, double walls, and unique two-screen system for filtering coffee granules will take your homemade coffee to a new level!

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Most French presses cannot filter the coffee grounds perfectly, which often results in granules in the last sip. SterlingPro was the first company to introduce an innovative double-screen filter, which prevents grounds from getting in your coffee. The first screen brushes the wall evenly and tightly; the second screen catches any tiny grounds that may have passed through the first screen.

Unlike conventional glass beaker presses which can break easily, the SterlingPro Stainless Steel French Press is made of the finest 18/10 stainless steel, which makes it extremely durable. It also has no plastic parts and no BPA. Two bonus Stainless Steel Screens are included with every purchase, for more rich flavored coffee or tea.

The double-wall beaker and lid ensure that your coffee stays hot longer and at the same time keep the outside of the press cool. The ergonomic handle prevents you from burning your hands.

The stainless-steel press can be used for making other delicious drinks – loose leaf teas, iced tea, cold brew coffee, and many more. Its classy and timeless mirror finish makes it a sleek accent piece in any kitchen. It is also a perfect gift.

In 2018, the SterlingPro stainless-steel brewer was awarded the “2018 Best French Press Award” by a verified Amazon expert. Read customer reviews at

“This press is solidly built, attractive, and superbly functional,” said a satisfied customer. “It makes enough coffee for a large mug, or a thermos, or a travel mug of coffee in the morning. The screens come apart very easily for cleaning and can be washed in the dishwasher. After two broken glass French presses, the stainless steel press is a vast improvement.”

SterlingPro’s French press is designed to deliver great results from a simple design that anyone can use. Coffee lovers and coffee snobs alike will love its stylish finish, convenient double insulation, and innovative two-screen granule-filtering system!

Go to to order your Stainless Steel French Press and start enjoying delicious coffee at home!

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