Luxury Gas Strut Serving Window Is Made From Aluminum & Sustainable Accoya Wood

May 26, 2023

OpenUp Windows is in the business of modern showpiece windows and they have a new luxury service window that is going to bring style and functionality to your home.

Invite more luxury, light, spaciousness and connection into your home with a new flip-out gas strut window from OpenUp Windows.

The New York-based window makers have been crafting custom and high-quality windows for almost 40 years and with their new luxury flip-out gas strut window, they are hoping to redefine and upgrade this popular style of service window. In addition to possessing features like a single-handle locking system and a fullbound sill, OpenUp Windows’ new luxury model gives you an upscale minimalist design.

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OpenUp Windows’ new luxury model has been designed with the luxury home trend in mind. As a recent article on House Beautiful explained, in 2023, most homeowners want to create a luxury feel at home. House Beautiful recommends that statement windows are one of the best ways for you to invite light and visual interest into your room; stylish and architecturally interesting windows are a feature particularly loved by wealthy property owners.

With their new flip-out gas strut service window, OpenUp believes they can offer you a luxury ambiance and finish that is actually affordable, and can give you a statement window which you can have beautifully fitted in your home.

Whether you have a new home, or are simply doing a kitchen conversion or home renovation project, they suggest that a luxury service window can add both more style and more functional space to your kitchen.

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Because their new model has a single-handle locking system and a fullbound sill, it can be mounted atop your new or existing countertop without requiring a break or alteration to the surface of your countertop. Their new window is also made with bespoke and high-quality materials like sustainable Accoya® wood and modern extruded aluminum.

OpenUp Windows has a boutique factory in New York where they design and precision engineer all their windows. As custom window makers, they are happy to start a dialogue with you and create a luxury window that will add to your indoor and outdoor lifestyle and your home design style.

A spokesperson for the window makers said, “We strive to provide our customers with a modern showpiece window that expands their view, encourages connection, and integrates their indoor and outdoor spaces.”

Bring a little affordable luxury into your life with a high-quality flip-out gas strut window from OpenUp Windows.

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