Lubbock, TX Trusted School Chaplains Reduce Student Stress & Improve Wellbeing

Apr 30, 2024

Schools in Lubbock, Texas can now offer their students and teachers compassionate spiritual care and guidance thanks to The National School Chaplain Association (NSCA) (405-831-3299).

As the planning period for the next school year begins, the NSCA wants you to think about what you want your school to look like and what you want to give to your student body.

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Hire A Professional Chaplain For Your School

The NSCA encourages you to reach out to their organization soon if you would like to have a school chaplain become a full-time member of staff at your school for the 2024/25 school year.

Whether you are a school leader, teacher, parent or invested community member, the NSCA welcomes all calls to help, and they stress that, following the passing of the Chaplain Bill, all schools in Texas are now welcome to hire a school chaplain.

Trust NSCA Chaplains For Real Mentorship & Guidance

The NSCA is the largest certifying body for chaplains in the State of Texas, the United States, and the world.

The leading chaplaincy association has professional, highly trained, experienced, and certified chaplains who can offer your students and staff the best mentorship and guidance.

NSCA chaplains are trained to provide trusted counsel, empathetic support, and carefully considered guidance to students of all ages and teachers.

Why Chaplains Are A Proven Role

As the NSCA states, numerous studies conducted worldwide have shown that school chaplains are one of the most meaningful ways to:

  • increase school safety,
  • reduce student stress and improve student wellbeing,
  • enhance teacher retention,
  • and create a genuine sense of community.

As their spokesperson explained, “Chaplaincy isn’t a new or experimental idea; it is a proven role. In schools across America, chaplaincy has proven to dissipate tension, resolve conflict, and bring hope.”

More information on what a chaplain can do for your school can be found at

Offer Your School Community Hope, Purpose & Positivity

If your school hires an NSCA chaplain, you will also gain access to a wealth of additional support for your school, including 24/7 access to their chaplain, as per the association’s policy. As a training, accreditation and liaison agency, the NSCA also prides itself on providing schools with a seamless employment and handover process.

The NSCA is confident that your school will benefit from the life-affirming, hope-filled, and non-judgmental mentorship and guidance of a professional chaplain. 

Their representative added, “Chaplains help students explore who they are and embrace who they hope to become. By nourishing their inner self, chaplains allow students to focus on their God-given identity while exploring the world around them.”

--> Find out how you can have a chaplain added to your staff for the 2024/25 academic year at

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