Look & Feel Good All Night Long With New Pajama Sets & Luxury Hair Bonnets

Oct 12, 2021

If you are sick of waking up with your hair in a mess, Virginia’s Sleep Sassy has launched a new range of colorful, cute and comfortable pajama sets with matching satin-lined hair bonnets.

As women, we spend a lot of time, money and effort on our hair. If you’ve been spending top dollar on expensive products but still wake up to dry, frizzy or fluffy locks, then Sleep Sassy’s new hair bonnets are for you. 

The proudly African-American owned and run fashion brand has added these new satin bonnets to their sets to ensure you wake up to perfect, frizz-free hair.  

Go to https://www.sleepsassy.com to find out more. 

The launch follows the rise in the popularity of sleep bonnets in 2021. A recent expose from Grazia magazine affirmed that bonnets prevent tangling, minimize frizz, help hair to retain moisture and reduce breakage. They also offer you a long term, cost-effective option compared to expensive hair treatments and products.

With their popularity rising for women of all ethnicities and of all hair types, including both curly and straight hair, Sleep Sassy wants to provide an option which is right for you. This includes their longstanding African-American clientele, who know intimately the difficulties of taming afro-textured hair if it isn’t cared for correctly overnight. 

As such, their bonnets are lined with a high-quality black stretch satin, satin being the optimum fabric for ensuring soft, manageable hair. They also come with a simple drawstring closing mechanism. This means that the bonnets will suit you, regardless of your hair type, length, or volume.

On the outside, the bonnets are available in the same colorful and unique patterns that Sleep Sassy has become well known for. You can find more information at https://www.sleepsassy.com/collections/pajama-pants-sets.

All of Sleep Sassy’s pajamas are made from 95% bamboo viscose from sustainably grown bamboo. This premium fabric means that you’ll enjoy sleepwear that is softer and more breathable than standard cotton or polyester blend products.

Bamboo also provides superior heat regulation, crease and sweat resistance, and is hypoallergenic. This ultra-soft and luxurious material is then blended with 5% spandex to offer you even greater stretch and comfort.

Sleep Sassy’s new sets come with options for shorts and full-length pants. Similarly, their tops are available in a crew neck tee or a stylish tank. 

They have a cut and style to suit all wearers, including you, with one new highlight being their fall-themed Yellow Floral set, which comes in a rich mustard yellow fabric with autumnal toned flower accents. 

Sleep Sassy was founded by two sisters originally from New Jersey and now living in Suffolk Virginia. They are focused on providing fashionable, functional sleepwear and loungewear to women all across the United States. 

A spokesperson for the online store said, “Our mission is to provide our customers with colorful, cute, comfortable, lightweight, coordinated sleepwear they won’t mind being seen wearing, including a matching satin-lined bonnet to protect their tresses.” 

If you want to look and feel great all night long, look no further than Sleep Sassy’s bold new sets.

Go to https://www.sleepsassy.com/collections/night-gowns-sleepshirts today to buy your new favorite pajamas.

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