Long Island Thermal Imaging: Thyroid Inflammation Detection In Women 30-60

If you’re worried about thyroid disease, call Thermography Solutions at +1-516-676-0200. They offer remote screening to help detect issues before they worsen!

Do you wish you could monitor your health effectively from the comfort of your own home? With remote thermography scans, you can!

Thermography Solutions, headed by Kristine Blanche, PA, PhD, offers detailed images of your body, and you will be taken through every image and what it all means by a Dr. Blanche herself – helping you to detect the early warning signs of thyroid disease and pursue proactive solutions.

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Designed to help you monitor your health more closely, the service allows you to examine changes in your body over time. This can provide early indications of health issues and allow you to act before the situation worsens.

Thermal imaging of the thyroid provides insights unavailable through other testing methods. Since local increases in skin temperature on your neck may indicate inflammation or dysfunction related to thyroid disease, the remote service utilizes specialized cameras to create thermal images highlighting even minute temperature differences, giving you a way to stay ahead of developing thyroid problems.

In addition to focused thyroid scans, the remote service includes optional full-body thermal imaging for a comprehensive health analysis. That means you will receive scans of multiple areas including the head, neck, chest, abdomen, and back. The full-body scans provide a baseline for comparison of future scans, increasing the chances of early detection for many conditions.

The service also incorporates breast thermography and health education. Annual breast studies using thermography paired with self-exam instruction, breast health protocols, and expert consultation promote early detection of developing disease. Thermography's sensitivity gives you information not available through mammography alone.

After remote imaging, you receive a detailed report analyzing your thermal scans. A certified Doctor specially trained in thermography reviews the images and provides interpretation highlighting areas of concern, and you gain expert insights into your results, accelerating access to needed follow-up care.

In addition to thermography, Dr. Blanche offers preventative care, digestive health services, and customized healthy cooking guidance. She specializes in holistic, integrative approaches to cultivating long-term well-being.

A spokesperson states: "With an extraordinary background in both allopathic and holistic medicine and having served as an extraordinarily well-trained Physician Assistant for almost two decades, Dr. Blanche chose the path of engaging in research-based practice. Her healing work is a gift and each person who is touched by her positive energy and artistry is blessed."

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