Diagnose Thyroid Dysfunction With Top Mobile Thermography Service In Long Island

Mar 8, 2024

Thermography Solutions ((516) 676-0200) offers non-invasive thermography scans for thyroid concerns.

As a practitioner, you know the importance of maintaining a healthy, balanced thyroid, but the truth is that 12% of American adults will experience thyroid dysfunction in their lives. Luckily, Thermography Solutions can bring its all-in-one thermography unit to your practice so you can identify your patients' thyroid risks early and take preventative action.

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Thyroid Dysfunction & Inflammation

Both thyroiditis and hypothyroidism can create severe inflammation in the thyroid gland.

Malignant thyroid nodules, which lead to thyroid dysfunction, emit notably more heat than benign nodules, and both emit more heat than normal thyroid tissue. A thermographic scan can clearly show the temperature of a patient's thyroid tissue, allowing you to identify potentially harmful nodules and diagnose thyroid disorders early.

Recent studies have revealed the effectiveness of implementing an anti-inflammatory diet in reducing the severity of both hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's Disease. A holistic anti-inflammatory diet has even been shown to send these conditions into full remission.

Partner Up With Thermography Solutions

Thermography Solutions wants to help you identify your patients' thyroid inflammation in its earliest stages, so you can create preventative treatment plans before disorders develop. In fact, they have launched a program to encourage Long Island practices to utilize its mobile thermographic diagnostic tool that emits no radiation, requires no contact with patients, and is virtually risk-free.

These health panel scans use infrared imaging to create a map of your patients' internal heat distribution and inflammation. Thermography Solutions' founding physician, Dr. Kristine Blanche, specializes in thermography and can work with you to interpret patients' scan results.

Thermography Solutions' all-in-one mobile imaging unit is compact enough to transport and set up in any location. The practice offers thermographic scans for a single area of concern, such as the thyroid gland, as well as a men's health panel scan, a women's health panel scan, and a full-body scan.

These scans will also help track your patients' progress after implementing your treatment plans, making it easier to adjust your treatment as necessary.

About Thermography Solutions

Founded by Dr. Kristine Blanche, Thermography Solutions' mission is to give patients the tools they need to heal themselves holistically. The practice focuses on disease prevention, offering a range of cleanses, detoxes, individualized nutrition and lifestyle programs, and wellness education.

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