Logistics Companies Can Enjoy Better Cash Flow With Expense Management Platform

Feb 22, 2024

If your company needs to increase cash flow, Recession Resister offers the Bill Saver tool, designed to help businesses minimize overhead costs.

Ready to start seeing your profit margins go up and your expenses go down? You need the Bill Saver expense management platform from Recession Resister!

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The expense management solution is perfect if you're a business owner who wants to reduce financial waste and increase overhead margins by identifying possible areas of savings in relation to your regular utility bills, like electric, gas, telecommunications, and waste management.

Bill Saver is part of Recession Resister's ongoing campaign to raise public awareness about the fact that many businesses - particularly small businesses - tend to overpay each month for services.

Implement Real-Life Solutions

A recent report from Forbes show that up to 93% of small businesses are at risk of losing money due to overpaying for services and expenses. Recognizing how important it is for your corporation to manage expenses and improve cash flow, the Bill Saver tool from Recession Resister helps you identify areas of loss and negotiate better rates, as well as more efficient tax strategies.

“For most bill categories, we go to work negotiating on your behalf so you can successfully lower your costs,” explains a company spokesperson. “Our mission is to offer innovative, real-life solutions to your everyday problems.”

Eliminate Fees

In addition to offering you guidance on how to improve tax strategies and maximize credits, the Bill Saver team will help eliminate your credit card processing fees by passing them on to your clients directly, thereby boosting overheads.

They’ll also perform an energy efficiency analysis of all large appliances in your workplace - such as coolers, freezers, air conditioners, and heaters - to help reduce patterns of consumption and save money.

Get Better Rates

The bill auditing function includes an in-depth review of your organization's previous bills over the span of several years, including cellular, internet, water/sewer, natural gas, telecommunications, and trash/refuse, to identify possible refunds and reductions.

Finally, Bill Saver’s trained cohort of negotiators will contact your service providers directly - such as pest control, water delivery, and security - to secure more competitive rates without making any changes to existing plans. They’ll also set up an auto-switching program, where your accounts are transferred automatically if a better rate is found.

Start watching your cash flow and savings increase with Bill Saver!

Find out more and sign up for the platform at https://recessionresister.com

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