Lower Recurring Costs & Utility Bills With Expense Auditing For Job Loss Victims

May 16, 2024

Recession Resister is the partner you need when you’ve lost your job. The expert team will negotiate better monthly contracts on your behalf, so you can save money!

You've recently been laid off, and every monthly bill feels like a slap in the face. But it's competitive out there – you need to spend every bit of time you've got on finding a new job. That's why it pays to let Recession Resister handle bill negotiation for you. They've got an expert team who will find the best deal on your behalf!

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Nothing to pay upfront

The program, called Bill Saver, requires no upfront investment - ideal if you're facing added financial pressure through being made redundant. Best of all, you only pay when the Recession Resister team secures a reduced rate for you.

Combat rising costs

A recent Forbes report shows that there have been 257,254 job eliminations in the first quarter of 2024 alone, with the tech and government sectors bearing the brunt of the cuts.

Compounding the problem, a CNN report indicates that two out of three American workers are dealing with rising costs of living that outpace wage growth. As expenses continue to escalate, maintaining financial stability can feel daunting - especially if you're affected by job losses or reduced income.

Recession Resister streamlines the process of securing lower rates on recurring bills because you just have to upload your utility and service provider statements, and the expert negotiators work directly with the companies to secure better deals.

You only pay when you save

You always have the final say in the approval process, and Recession Resister retains 50% of the savings achieved for the client as compensation, enabling you to enjoy cost reductions without upfront fees or financial risk.

The service also extends to utility bill auditing, offering the potential for refunds on overcharges dating back four years, and helping to ensure that you secure both lower rates moving forward while getting money back from previous billing cycles.

A spokesperson states: "Do you have a cable bill, a phone bill, or any other monthly bill for things like home security? You're probably being overcharged - and you're not alone. Millions of Americans are overpaying on their monthly bills to the tune of $60 million per year, and we can help you cut costs."

Is the cost of living grinding you down now that you've been laid off? Recession Resister can help!

Check out https://recessionresister.com/ to reduce your financial load while you search for your next job!

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