Live Poetry Writing in NYC: Haikus as Luxury Party Favors for Corporate Events

Dec 10, 2022

Impress guests and give them something that will remind them of that evening long after the event’s end! Check out Haikuists (213-633-7380) for their live, interactive poetry that guests love and treasure.

Live Poetry Writing in NYC: Haikus as Luxury Party Favors for Corporate Events

No matter how pretty your photo booth is at your corporate Christmas party, it will soon become a forgotten part of someone's social media feed. Photographs have become too common in the age of social media, so to make a party truly special, it's time to go old-school.

With Haikuists' new interactive poetry writing service, your guests get to take home a custom party favor that was created for them on the spot. The poems take under two minutes to create, and guests get their poems on card stock with your logo on the back.

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Instead of taking photos and making social media reels, guests interact with each other as they think about what word to give as inspiration for their poems. Whatever the keyword or phrase, Haikuists work hard to make the poems memorable for everyone at the event.

According to Haikuists, they give your guests a unique experience because they take part in the creation of the haiku. The interactive nature of the activity creates a bond among the guests, which makes the haiku more special and memorable.

Instead of the typical photo booth or a mass-produced token, the poetry writing company states that their services help events become more impactful with their addition of meaningful keepsakes. With social media and digital technology, having something tangible made especially for them is refreshing. Many recipients of these haiku have said that they kept their poems for years, and a handful and counting have even got tattoos of theirs.

Haikuists are available for any event, big or small. To set up their spot, they only need a table to put their vintage typewriters on, chairs, and signage. Your guests can get their personalized haiku at any point during the event.

About the Company

The company’s founders, Erick and Daniel started writing haikus for events in 2012. The company grew to 30 poets located all over the US, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Austin, Boston, Denver, New York City, Chicago, Detroit, and Las Vegas.

“Haikuists remind us of the power of words, our desire for love, and the importance of face-to-face connection in our screen-obsessed world,” a satisfied customer said.

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