Legal Advice And Representation For Motorcycle Accidents In Pompano Beach, FL

Dec 3, 2020

Get justice and due compensation for your motorcycle accident injury in Pompano Beach, FL. Call Lieberman Injury Law at 954-596-9944 or visit to schedule your free legal consultation today.

Florida is far from being the safest place in the country to ride your motorcycle. National Highway Transportation Safety Administration data shows that Florida has the highest number of motorcycle rider fatalities in the country, accounting for more than 11 percent of the US total.

If you need legal help with your insurance claim or court representation to hold a negligent motorist accountable, call Lieberman Injury Law today. If you've been in a crash, it's important to call a knowledgeable accident attorney before you sign any papers or make a statement.

The South Florida auto accident injury attorney's office now offers legal advice, investigative support, and legal representation services in Pompano Beach. The firm works with riders, passengers, pedestrians, and bystanders involved in motorcycle crashes and takes on cases where victims have suffered severe injuries or permanent disability.

Experienced motorcycle accident claim lawyers will represent your best interests, ensuring that you and your family receive the maximum possible compensation for all damages resulting from an accident.

Lieberman Injury Law provides individualized legal options to families who have lost a loved one to a motorcycle crash and seeks to obtain the maximum possible compensation for third-party negligence. Experienced trial lawyers in Pompano Beach, FL will work closely with you by investigating the accident, gathering evidence, building a strong case, and representing you in court.

The Broward County, FL motorcycle accident law firm handles all paperwork pertaining to your case and liaises with insurance companies to ensure just compensation. Attorney Jesse Lieberman and his team of legal professionals take on accident injury cases involving choppers, off-road bikes, scooters, and sport motorcycles.

Motorcycle accidents often result in permanent disability, the loss of employment, lost wages, high medical expenses, and other financial and non-financial damages. Have your case evaluated by top legal professionals in Pompano Beach.

Insurance companies may attempt to settle your case at the lowest possible cost, so it's important to have an experienced Florida accident attorney on your side. Don't settle for anything less than you are owed for your injuries and losses. Visit for details.

Founded in 2004, Lieberman Injury Law is a personal injury law firm based in Deerfield Beach, FL that provides guidance and legal representation in cases of wrongful death, medical malpractice, slip and fall injuries, dog bites, boating accidents, and product liability injuries. 

The firm is headed by Attorney Jesse A Lieberman, an experienced Broward County personal injury lawyer and member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. He is licensed to practice in all federal courts in Florida and is a member of the Bar in New York and DC, as well as the Broward County and South Palm Beach Bar associations.

Call Lieberman Injury Law at 954-596-9944 or visit to schedule your free legal consultation today.

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