Learn Why Josh AI Is The Perfect Choice For A Smarter Home

Sep 1, 2023

Can’t decide on a smart home AI? It’s a big decision, which is why Sphere Audio Video (205-777-5626) is here to help make your decision-making easier. Find out why Josh AI is its top pick!

Looking for a smart home AI that seamlessly integrates with other smart technologies while also securing privacy?

Continuing its mission to educate the public about various artificial intelligence technologies, Sphere Audio Video has released a primer on Josh.ai, a home automation system that can automate routine tasks, unlock smart home functions, provide entertainment, and enhance security.

Read about it now at https://sphereav.com/celebrate-national-ai-day-josh-ai/

The new article states that the differentiating factor of Josh is that it is connected to an end-to-end encryption cloud infrastructure. This means that you have more peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.

Josh can also be programmed to follow custom scheduled routines to manage lights and even air conditioning units. The system may likewise be integrated with popular smart device brands.

Sphere Audio Video says that it uses Josh AI in all its installations because it can assess whether you are speaking to it or with your friends - even if your friend is named Josh, too! Now THAT’s smart!

The smart home AI responds to the direct command of “OK Josh” along with a specific instruction. These instructions can range from anything from turning on an AC unit to dimming the light in a room or powering on a sound system.

Sphere Audio Video says that Josh AI has helped make its services much more efficient. “The system’s functionality and versatility are what drew us to it, and we think you could really benefit from bringing it into your home or business,” the author said. “Its suite of features is designed for maximum integration, allowing you to unlock the potential of artificial intelligence technology with ease.”

Aside from regularly releasing reports on up-and-coming technologies, Sphere Audio Video specializes in providing expert home theater system design and installation, home automation, and security and surveillance system installation, among others.

The team has been serving residents of Birmingham, AL, for years and is known for its cutting-edge technologies and responsive support team.

Sphere Audio Video is HTA Certified, a Control 4 authorized Diamond Dealer, and Acurus ASPEQT Certified.

Is Josh AI the best pick for your home? Read Sphere Audio Video’s latest piece at https://sphereav.com/celebrate-national-ai-day-josh-ai/ or get in touch directly with the team to learn more.

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