Learn To Short Sell With Professional Day Traders: Mentor Community Live Streams

Oct 2, 2023

Watch over the shoulders of professional day traders as the short sell in real time. Register for the upcoming live streams from the global day trading education network My Investing Club (MIC).

Day trading can feel like one step forward and two steps back. How on earth do professionals make profits on a consistent basis?

With the new live streams from the global education community, My Investing Club, you have a unique opportunity to find out.

Platform cofounders Alex Temiz and Bao Nguyen will share their screens and commentate as they trade live markets in real time, so you can learn exactly how they work. To prove that this isn’t just a gimmick, they say that if they don’t realize $20,000 in monthly gains, you won’t have to pay anything for the privilege.

Go to https://myinvestingclub.com/livetrading/ for more information.

The latest update from MIC is part of an ongoing effort to improve the standard of professional education that is available to new day traders. As a platform member, you also have access to unlimited 1-on-1 mentorship, on-demand video training that covers all aspects of day trading, and a 24/7 chat room that has over 2,000 active participants from all around the world.

Owing to the fast-paced nature of day trading, it also has a higher degree of risk when compared to traditional long-term positions. Those risks can be amplified when you start getting into short selling, a popular approach that also comes with the potential for unlimited losses.

As successful professional day traders, the founders of MIC have developed short selling methods that place an emphasis on risk management, a skill that you might not have mastered as a beginner. The upcoming live streams are designed to demonstrate those processes in real-world markets, with the goal of helping you understand the decision-making process.

“We aim to provide our students with every resource they could possibly need to become successful,” the company’s founders explained. “From on-demand video lessons to Alex’s personal daily watch lists, live market recaps, even 1-on-1 mentorship phone calls with professional day traders, we provide it all. The new live streams are just the latest in an exciting series of new developments we have planned.”

About MIC

Alex Temiz and Bao Nguyen are verified millionaire day traders, with personal single day records of $660,000 and $1.4 million, respectively. The pair established MIC in 2018, and they state that their proprietary techniques have helped thousands of traders to become consistently profitable.

“I didn’t properly understand back side shorting until I watched lots of MIC’s videos,” one member recently stated. “I’ve had a huge amount of growth since I started sticking to the MIC processes. Thanks to the whole team for creating such an amazing community,”

If you want to learn the techniques used by successful professional day traders, join the rapidly growing community at My Investing Club.

Check out https://myinvestingclub.com/livetrading/ so you can learn more.

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