Learn Startup Launch Strategies From Top Business Mentors In This Free Webinar

Feb 17, 2023

Your product launch can make or break your business. Luckily, IdeaPros has a webinar that shows you the right way to kick off your venture.

Learn Startup Launch Strategies From Top Business Mentors In This Free Webinar

Your product launch isn’t the endpoint - it’s the beginning. That’s why IdeaPros has a video that tackles the small but important things you shouldn’t forget during this phase.

This webinar is the latest installment in the company’s long-running series of entrepreneurship guides. Featuring IdeaPros marketing executives Tessa Ashford and Simon Solotko, the online video aims to address misconceptions about product launches so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

Check out the full video now at https://www.facebook.com/watch/?ref=external&v=527108838263696

In the video, Solotko stresses that your launch is not a one-time event but rather an ongoing process. More precisely, it requires your startup to continually build up momentum until your desired level of brand awareness is achieved.


To help you generate exposure and attract customers, the webinar offers advice on how to market products or services in the pre-launch phase. It tackles the concept of additive marketing — the practice of sustainably growing an engaged community that can one day become paying customers.


Another important step the video discusses is market research. By getting reviews and feedback from early customers, you can further refine your product or service — ultimately making it more competitive on the market.

Solotko adds: “People rarely buy products that aren’t reviewed. Getting people to review your product is one of your earliest goals. Once you get to a critical mass, you reduce the purchase risk for others, so you get people to click and buy.”


While profitability is the end goal of your venture, the training session highlights that this will likely not occur during your launch phase. This is why raising capital first through networking or a pre-sale period is vital in the early stages of your business.

In addition to this webinar, IdeaPros has other videos on actualizing your business ideas. These can be accessed through the consultancy’s website and YouTube Page.

Learn more by visiting https://www.ideapros.com


By providing trusted advisory services, IdeaPros helps you accelerate your business’ growth. Its expertise includes business development, financial planning, market research, reputation management, seed funding, and operations. The company is headed by Fred Cary, a business owner who has successfully taken two ventures public.

Make your launch phase as impactful as possible by following the advice in IdeaPros’ video. It’s absolutely free so you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

IdeaPros also offers entrepreneurial mentorship to both new and long-time business owners. To register for the program, you can visit https://www.ideapros.com/start-now

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