Respected Business Consultants Share Tips On Building & Improving Pitch Decks

Mar 16, 2023

Level up your business pitch deck – and your chances of convincing investors – by reading IdeaPros’ free report designed for startups and nascent entrepreneurs.

Respected Business Consultants Share Tips On Building & Improving Pitch Decks

Are you tired of presenting pitch decks that don’t get a second look from investors? IdeaPros has a free report that shows you the secrets to making successful presentations.

This guide is part of the company’s long-running series of business training modules geared toward startup founders and first-time entrepreneurs like you. CEO Fred Cary, who penned the report, says that “Creating & Presenting The Best Pitch Deck” contains first-hand insights into the business proposal process.

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Cary notes pitch decks should demonstrate that you have done sufficient due diligence to prove your venture’s viability. As such, the guide teaches you how to conduct market research and how to highlight product features that address identified gaps.

According to the 2022 Small Business Trends study, about one-third of entrepreneurs say that lack of capital is their biggest challenge. Investors and venture capital firms can provide much-needed funding — provided that you can convince them.

Cary adds: “As an entrepreneur, you must persuade investors that your product or service actually solves an urgent consumer problem. More importantly, your pitch deck must communicate this fact quickly to your prospects. Our report gives you all the information you need to create a compelling business pitch.”

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An important aspect tackled by the report is what to include in your pitch deck. Specifically, it spotlights crucial data points that investors will be looking for. It also offers tips on how to communicate features that set apart your product or service from existing competitors.

While the guide highlights that pitch decks are useful visual tools, selling a business idea still lies with you. Hence, the report offers valuable tips on how to brand your venture and how to highlight the experience of your management team.

The business consultancy also offers other in-depth guides on business pitching through its blog section. You can access these at no cost.

ABOUT IdeaPros

IdeaPros is composed of a multi-disciplinary team that has over 200 years of combined business experience. It is led by Fred Cary, who has taken several ventures public during his stint as a C-suite executive. The company has over 600,000 followers on social media platforms and its webinars have accumulated over 100 million views.

If you want to turbocharge your pitching success rate, you owe it to yourself to read IdeaPros’ report. And since it’s 100% free, you’ve got nothing to lose!

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