Learn Risk Management From Successful Day Traders: Get One-To-One Coaching

Sep 20, 2023

My Investing Club has everything you ever wanted to know about day trading. Ask successful traders how they got to where they are and learn the techniques that can keep you in the game for many years to come.

Finding day trading tough? You're not alone! Join a network of fellow enthusiasts in My Investing Club's global chatroom and education hub. Learn from millionaire mentors and get on the fast track to financial freedom! Now with new risk management coaching.

The platform can help you offset potential losses with a variety of proven strategies, teaching simple but effective ways to consolidate and protect your market gains. MIC provides a comprehensive syllabus whether you're a complete novice or a more experienced trader.

Master the markets with My Investing Club! More details at https://myinvestingclub.com/

MIC is rapidly becoming one of the web's leading education platforms for people like you who are seeking to forge a career in the stock market. The site's training model provides varied and engaging tutoring, delivered via its state-of-the-art learning management system. This allows you to access support from anywhere in the world, seven days a week.

Data from the Social Science Research Network reveals that, based on a study of Taiwan's stock market, just 15% of day traders survive beyond the first three years in practice. According to the study, 44% only last a year and 24% call it quits within two years. The average wage for day trading is between $107,634 and $116,895 as per Zippia.

These statistics highlight how crucial adequate training and risk management are for new day traders. MIC gives you a thorough grounding in every aspect of trading for a living. This includes how to calculate risk/reward ratios, balancing both to ensure progress but not at the expense of your entire trading account.

Teaching also covers some of the key approaches to researching potential trades. This type of scenario analysis is done using both fundamental and technical methods, assessing both the macro and micro-economic conditions and using charts to spot patterns and make educated predictions about a stock's likely price trajectory.

Other techniques demonstrated by the MIC coaching team include stop-loss orders. Strategies such as SAR, parabolic stops, and the 'two-day low' have proved effective at limiting the scale of losses in the intraday markets. Position sizing is also covered.

Coaching is delivered via regular Q&A sessions, one-on-one mentoring, and MIC's regular program of weekly webinars. Thanks to live market recaps and daily trading blueprints, you'll be given the tools you need to grow a small trading account and build a sustainable model for a long career.

A spokesperson says, “It is our mission to mentor and guide as many people as we can to becoming consistently profitable day traders.”

For more info, go to https://myinvestingclub.com/

Ready for the next phase of your day trading career? Get there quicker with My Investing Club!

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