Learn Microblading And Microshading Techniques From These Miami Professionals

Apr 26, 2021

If you’re interested in learning the techniques involved in microblading and microshading, these professionals in Miami are offering courses on the popular eyebrow treatments.

Microblading and microshading are two of the hottest trends in cosmetic eyebrow treatments these days. 

Glami Studio in Miami, Florida has launched a class focused on these procedures at its renowned beauty academy. As a student, you can learn the theories, techniques, and tricks you need to become an experienced technician.

Learn more at https://glamistudio.com/academy

The new microblading and microshading course at Glami Academy aims to teach the skills you need as a professional makeup artist. Live classes led by Glami’s head artist and CEO Laura Alameda cater to both beginners and advanced students looking to expand their knowledge and skills.

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing suitable for eyebrows of any color. It gives the effect of ultra-fine delicate hair strokes that blend seamlessly with natural brow hairs. No downtime is required following the treatment.

Microshading, also known as powder brows, is another technique to make eyebrows look fuller. A makeup artist uses a handheld tool to put tiny dots of pigment in the brow area. The procedure is ideal for any skin type, from dry to oily, and will not irritate customers with sensitive skin.

Glami Academy provides a variety of training programs to teach the skills and fundamentals of permanent makeup. The courses combine theoretical learning with practical hands-on experience, so you can master the techniques in the industry. The academy is currently offering classes in microblading, microshading, lip blush, and powder brows.

Glami Studio is a top-rated beauty studio and academy based in North Miami Beach, Florida. Glami’s highly trained permanent makeup specialists perform procedures such as microblading, microshading, brow henna, lip blush, eyelash extensions, lash lifts, and more. Glami Studio’s expert technicians use high-quality tools and products to ensure client satisfaction.

A satisfied customer said: “Highly recommended with a professional and very knowledgeable team. The level of expertise and orientation to detail make the results passing expectations. My eyebrows are just simply perfect and with the most natural look.”

Visit https://glamistudio.com so you can find more information about Glami Studio and Academy.

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