Improve Your Brow Shaping Skills With This Miami Microblading Beauty Academy

Feb 5, 2021

A new brow training program for beauty professionals has launched in Miami. The course is provided by Glami Studio and teaches microblading and microshading techniques.

Grow your beauty empire, learn new brow skills, and watch an expert brow artist in action at the new live training microblading and microshading program from hot Miami beauty academy Glami Studio!

Glami Studio, a Miami based beauty studio and academy that provides training courses for beauty industry professionals, has launched a microblading and microshading training program.

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The newly launched training program is ideally suited to beauty professionals who specialize in delivering eyebrow treatments and want to learn new techniques or improve upon their skills.

The four-day live training program promises to help you grow your beauty empire and become a high earner in the beauty industry. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced beauty professionals.

The course teaches two different techniques for shaping, defining, and tinting brows. These include microblading and microshading. The microblading technique is a semi-permanent pigment that uses hair-like strokes to define and shape the brow. Microshading is a technique that applies semi-permanent makeup to the eyebrow using a device.

As part of the course, you will receive live training on how to use both of these techniques in your salon. The training is delivered by a Glami Studio certified trainer who will take students through the step-by-step process of each technique.

You are encouraged to ask questions while observing the demonstration and you will receive instruction on how to adjust the technique according to your clients’ skin types, and technical aspects, such as hand and body positioning, correct depth, and more.

Unlike other training programs in the Miami area, the program provides an immersive, and hands-on experience to help students learn. You have constant access to feedback, and extensive training on eyebrow mapping, the healing process, and aftercare.The course also differs from others in the area as it provides instruction on how to use social media and brow photography to market your brow businesses.

You are encouraged to enroll by visiting the website. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a microblading and microshading certification.

Glami Studio is a Miami-based training studio run by CEO and Head Artist Laura Alameda that provides educational programs for beauty industry professionals. They offer training on beauty techniques for brows, lips, lashes, and more.

Are you ready to learn new brow techniques?

Go to the URL above for more information on Glami Studio and the launch of their microblading and microshading training program.

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