Learn How To Use The Infinite Banking Concept To Improve Your 2023 Tax Planning

Aug 15, 2023

Are you looking for ways to improve your tax planning this year? Would you like to learn the financial strategies used by the elite for your own benefit? Then let I Own My Bank introduce you to the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC).

Money makes the world go round, but often it feels like our money helps keep the bank’s wheels moving while the rest of us are just stuck in first gear. That’s why the wealthy don’t use banks the same way we do, and it’s time we all learned the tricks they know!

I Own My Bank’s guide on the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) outlines a tax-free lending system that you can use to fund large purchases without incurring the fees associated with bank loans.

Visit https://www.iownmybank.com/blog/b/taxes for more information.

In the guide, you will learn how the IBC, which was developed by economist R. Nelson Nash, takes advantage of the tax-deferred/free attributes of whole life insurance policies.

As bank interest rates now range from 8.74% to 21.24% and a growing distrust for banks seeing a reported 30% of individuals being unhappy with their services, you may be seeking alternative options for your finances. That’s where the IBC can help with its tax-free and low-interest benefits.

The guide explains that while R. Nelson Nash’s IBC is a financial strategy used by the elite to both maintain and grow their wealth, almost anyone can implement it for themselves. This strategy involves paying premiums into a whole life insurance policy to build up its cash value, which you can then access in 30 days following the policy’s creation.

I Own My Bank’s guide then outlines the advantages this strategy offers, such as when you take money out of your whole life insurance policy in the form of a loan, it is not considered a taxable event. As the money is not considered income, as it would be if it was a basic withdrawal, you can use this money to fund large purchases without incurring the additional costs of a traditional bank loan.

If you want to learn more about the IBC, you can sign up for an educational webinar that covers the strategy and how to use it in greater detail.

A spokesperson for I Own My Bank said, “We outline the exact method for getting your money to work like a machine by recycling and recapturing the money you spend every day.”

Start making your money work for you rather than the bank with I Own My Bank’s IBC beginners guide.

For more information, you can visit https://www.iownmybank.com/blog/b/taxes where you can read the complete guide.

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