Learn How to Publish a Kindle Bestseller in 2023 | Insider Guidebook for Authors

Sep 13, 2023

Write My Wrongs CEO Toni Kononova has strategies, tips, and tricks that will get you published via KDP. Ready to see your work flying off the shelves? Order her bestselling book today!

Do you want to become a bestselling author? Are you interested in Amazon KDP but don't know the intricacies of creating a book? This guide is for you!

In response to the increasing demand for self-publication options, Toni Kononova, CEO of Write My Wrongs, published her book, “How to Publish a Bestseller in 2023: An Insider's Guide to Self-Publishing (Pages that Pay)." The Amazon bestseller talks about overcoming the challenges that Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) authors often face when drafting, editing, formatting, and finally publishing their work.

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The e-book corrects the common misconception that self-publishing on Kindle is difficult and laborious. To help you through writer’s block, Kononova touches upon AI-generated writing prompts, which she explains serve as invaluable tools to initiate and shape the writing process. However, she also emphasizes the irreplaceable value of the human touch in creating a bestseller.

Kononova recognizes that the manuscript creation process isn’t easy, and sometimes even authors with the best concepts fall short when writing those thoughts down. To help with that, Write My Wrongs offers comprehensive writing aid, from concept and strategy development to ghostwriting, editing, and audiobook narration. Moreover, the CEO highlights that Write My Wrongs allows you to retain 100% of your royalties, which is uncommon in the book publication industry.

Even with all that in place, getting your book on the bestseller list is still an uphill battle if you don't have the right marketing campaign. Good thing Write My Wrongs is an expert at this and can help get your book noticed!

Kononova details a 7-step plan that maps out the whole Kindle publishing journey up to the marketing campaigns and strategic launch for your book. She also provides actionable strategies for promoting a book across varied media platforms to amplify online visibility and brand awareness.

The publishing company’s mission revolves around guiding new and established authors, as well as entrepreneurs, in bringing their literary ideas to life. ‘Write My Wrongs’ has an experienced team of writers, editors, researchers, and industry experts, each selected from hundreds of candidates, ensuring that the company publishes high-quality books for its clients.

“What does it take to publish a bestselling book? In the ever-evolving landscape of publishing, 2023 witnessed a revolution in how authors bring their ideas to life. With the advent of generative AI, a new era emerged, reshaping the possibilities for aspiring writers. Now, more than ever, authors have a powerful ally in their quest for literary success,” Kononova said.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing offers an array of benefits to authors, particularly those venturing into self-publishing. Working with publishers like Write My Wrongs ensures that you maximize your exposure and audience reach. As one of the world's largest online retailers, Amazon is often difficult to navigate on your own, so handing over the reins to a publisher allows you to focus on your writing, instead of wasting valuable time on the marketing campaign and book launch.

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