Learn How This Nashville Asphalt Contractor Smashed Expectations In Green Hills

Feb 26, 2024

Gaddes Strategic continues to solidify its reputation among Nashville’s finest asphalt paving contractors – read this case study to discover how this team met the highest standards in Green Hills!

Mill & Fill In Green Hills: Paving the Way to Success!

Nashville’s asphalt pavers have to do a lot more than impress their clients - often, local inspectors have the final say. When Gaddes Strategic’s team was called to a custom home build project in Green Hills, their work passed with flying colors.

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To commemorate the project, the company has proudly released a case study highlighting the milling and paving work that led to a swift resolution. It’s time to discover the expert work that Gaddes Strategic has done and will continue to do for clients just like you!

Throughout the case study, you’ll learn exactly how Gaddes Strategic designed and executed a one-day resurfacing plan that surpassed the highest expectations. The contractor referred to its usage of industry-approved equipment in pursuit of its goals, successfully carrying out street resurfacing and property-to-property paving among other essential tasks.

Its case study also recounts the terms of the project as set by an NDOT inspector - who declared milling paving necessary due to a recent water tap installation. In Gaddes Strategic’s document, you’ll see that the company was tasked with a “unique challenge” - owing to the recency of the street’s prior paving work.

As explained by the case study: “The NDOT inspector’s requirements were clear: mill and pave 2 inches from property line to property line, encompassing two streets due to the block’s corner location. This included a mill and fill on an asphalt trench repair with a binder to the surface on one street and a curb and gutter repair from property line to property line on the other.” 

A job well done!

The study demonstrates the steps that Gaddes Strategic took to address these demands, drawing on the experience and expertise of its technicians to meet each designated task from the full job specifications.

This document stands as a fitting testament to the benefits ultimately brought by the project. Gaddes Strategic brings attention to the restored street surface integrity, improved durability, and superior surface grading that residents and motorists will enjoy as a direct result.

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Its team adds: “Leveraging top-tier equipment like the Weiler P385B Paver, Gaddes Strategic, LLC efficiently executed a mill and fill street resurfacing installation.”

As a full-service asphalt contractor, Gaddes Strategic is ready and waiting to carry out milling paving services much like the work recently completed in Green Hills. Its team is also equipped to repair potholes, fill trenches, and perform line striping work at commercial parking lots. 

For asphalt paving results that’ll leave both you and the inspectors smiling with satisfaction, contact Gaddes Strategic today!

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