Learn Entrepreneurial Networking Strategies With This Online Training Program

Dec 14, 2022

IdeaPros can help you go from idea to market-ready in just 30 days. Discover why aspiring entrepreneurs are raving about this program!

Learn Entrepreneurial Networking Strategies With This Online Training Program

Getting your business idea off the ground will require money—lots of it. And the people who have it will require a lot of convincing before they agree to risk it on your behalf.

But don't fret because you now have the opportunity to learn insider strategies on how to raise capital by marketing your ideas to investors.

Enter IdeaPros.

Check it out at https://fred.ideapros.com/play

IdeaPros is the latest venture of serial entrepreneur and business personality Frederick Cary, who has partnered with a team of founders, product developers, and C-level executives in a bid to make entrepreneurship more accessible.

“With our flagship course priced at only $299, IdeaPros offers a more viable alternative to the online programs offered by top business schools,” a company spokesperson said. “And with us, you will get an opportunity to work with the nation’s most innovative business thinkers.”

IdeaPros offers a 15-lesson course called the Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Course and the Business Starter Pack—a more expansive program with specialized subjects, such as industry and market research, product validation, creating a pitch deck, and more.

Both options will give you access to a one-on-one mentoring session with a successful entrepreneur, and by “successful”, we mean people who founded or co-founded multi-million dollar startups.

“But if you’re confident that your idea is the next big thing and ready to go, then we’d like to listen to your pitch,” the spokesperson said. “If you get the nod, you get the entire IdeaPros team as your partners and launch team.”

This route involves a series of panel interviews, with your formal pitch only being accepted after passing the initial remote interview with the team. After your pitch is submitted, its feasibility as well as your leadership potential will be evaluated.

A successful pitch will result in a formal offer and the drafting of a national launch roadmap with the IdeaPros team. The entire process, from the exploratory call to the signing of the contracts, will take about 30 days to be completed.

“Whether or not you get Mr. Cary’s nod, the experience you will gain here will give you the confidence you need to face investors next time you look for funding,” the company representative said. “That would be your unfair advantage over your competitors.”

If you think you have what it takes, visit https://www.ideapros.com to get started.

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