Learn Dutch Now: With This Fun Method It’s Easier Than You Think…

May 16, 2020

Do you want to learn Dutch quickly and efficiently online? Try this new Skype program and see how it’s been getting great results around the world!

If you want to learn a new language online, one of the most effective methods is talking to someone who speaks the language. These new Skype or Zoom lessons for learning Dutch are ideal, because they take place in a conversational way.

You simply talk about what interests you, and the program flows from there. You’ll be mastering words, sentences, and full conversations in no time!

A new online Dutch learning program has been launched with experienced tutor Michael Smissaert. He uses Skype or Zoom to connect with students at any location around the world, providing an interactive and engaging way to learn.

More information can be found at: https://learndutch.today

The site explains that Michael is an experienced, enthusiastic teacher who enjoys helping you to achieve you language-learning goals. His methods are rooted in practicality, and there is a focus on providing a fun learning environment.

New customers will be able to claim a free 30-minute lesson to see if his teaching style resonates with them. For those who wish to take their language learning further, 10 hours of Skype sessions are available for 190 euros.

The success of the program is a result of Michael’s conversational, natural approach to learning Dutch. He talks informally with you about what matters to you, focusing on your specific interests.

In this way, a more engaging foundation can be built that allows you to progress through the language as you become more comfortable. While the conversation is taking place, Michael will share his screen and type what he says at the same time.

This provides you with a multi-faceted learning approach that makes it easier to understand the topic and language. If there is a word, rule or sentence that you don’t understand, Michael will take the time to explain.

Michael types around 2,000 words in one lesson, which is more than students usually learn with other teaching methods. After the lesson, the student gets a Word file with a complete transcript of the conversation and an audio recording of this script in mp3 format. This allows them to go back through discussion points and practice active recall on specific elements.

The course is designed to simplify the Dutch learning process and only teach real life language use..

Michael states: “My preferred method is to simply speak with the student about whatever comes to their or my mind. Usually it starts with getting to know each other: I will ask them where they come from, what they do, their goals in life, what they like and dislike, and we take it from there. My advantage is: I have travelled a lot in my life, studied many subjects, and am interested in even more subjects, so I am not easily without a thing to say.”

You can find out more on the URL above!

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