Join The Best Immersive And Affordable Dutch Course In Bulgaria This Summer

Jul 8, 2020

An affordable Dutch summer course will be taking place in Bulgaria. The all-inclusive course costs 300 euro per week (which includes food, board, and lessons) and offers immersive studying techniques to help improve understanding and confidence.

Are you looking for an affordable yet immersive Dutch summer course? Would you like to confidently learn the language through revolutionary methods? Does traveling to Bulgaria to learn Dutch sound interesting to you? If you have answered ‘yes’, this is the course for you!

Michael Smissaert of Learn Dutch Today has announced the launch of a new Dutch summer course taking place in Bulgaria. Michael implements immersive studying techniques to engage you and other students while helping you to learn the language quickly and confidently.

You can find out more at

In case you are wondering, the newly launched summer school is an affordable, all-inclusive educational opportunity that costs 300 euro per week, which includes all your food, lessons, and accommodation. The price is reflective of the fact Bulgaria is more affordable than other European countries.

You will have the opportunity to unwind and relax after your lessons in the private pool and sauna that the guesthouse offers. In addition, it is located around a kilometer away from the Black Sea Coast.

Accessibility is a key feature of the guesthouse location in Bulgaria. Currently there are transport options available from as little as 49 euro from Eindhoven in the Netherlands to Varna, which is around half an hour away from the summer school.

As part of the educational program implemented by Learn Dutch Today a revolutionary teaching method (also used in Michael’s one-to-one Skype lessons, see ) that enables students to have natural conversations with their tutors is applied.

In this method Michael has a natural conversation with his students, shares his screen, and at the same time types what is said. This approach makes a significant difference because it makes it much easier for students to understand a natural conversation. It is a known fact among linguists that the amount of understandable input is among the most important factors in the process of learning a foreign language. More information about this innovative teaching method can be found at

As you may be aware, other methods include listening to popular songs with Dutch lyrics, watching Dutch videos, movies, or television, playing games using the Dutch language, and making Skype calls to friends of the school.

A company spokesperson said: “The Dutch summer school that is coming to Bulgaria will help you quickly and efficiently grasp the Dutch language. Aside from the summer school, an email course is available to those of you who are unable to travel in a bid to help you build your knowledge and confidence.”

As spaces are limited to 15 owing to the size of the guesthouse, you can find out more by contacting Michael directly via the links provided. Alternatively, you can view details about the email course at

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