Learn About Opportunity Zone Investing Gains Tax Benefits With This Report

Dec 15, 2020

The Wealth Building Way informative investing platform has launched a report explaining how the Opportunity Zone alternative real estate investment program works and the gains tax benefits available through it.

Are you interested in long-term alternative investment opportunities that offer capital gains tax benefits? Have you heard of the Opportunity Zone program? Do you want to know how you can privately invest in property and receive tax benefits? If you have answered ‘yes,’ you need to read this report!

A new report has been launched to explain the process of investing in the Opportunity Zone program and highlight the gains tax benefits to you and other savvy investors. The team at the Wealth Building Way platform explains you may be unaware of the tax reduction benefits associated with Opportunity Zone projects as an alternative real estate investment for your portfolio.

You can read the report in full at https://wealthbuildingway.com/how-investing-in-opportunity-zones-works

The newly launched report explains the goal of the Opportunity Zone program, which as you may be aware was created as part of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, was to attract you and other private investors and capital for long-term investments in low-income communities.

In return, you can expect meaningful capital gains tax benefits in the form of tax deferral, reduction, and elimination. The team at the Wealth Building Way explain the process is simple, you invest your qualifying capital gains earned by selling stocks, a business, or real estate in a Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF).

As you may have guessed, every QOF must meet certain requirements but the most important is the fact that it must invest in Qualified Opportunity Zone Property. This can include a domestic corporation that is viewed as a Qualified Opportunity Zone Business, a domestic partnership that is recognized as a Qualified Opportunity Zone Business, or a Qualified Opportunity Zone Business Property.

Wealth Building Way explains that while almost any asset could be designated a Qualified Opportunity Zone Business Property, multifamily properties are expected to be key assets in QOF terms. The team says this is likely due to the fact lower-income residents in economically underserved communities tend to live in these small to medium-sized properties.

Potential benefits available to you range from tax deferral of your reinvested capital gains, a tax reduction program, or the elimination of capital gains tax resulting from the sale of a QOF investment if you have held the investment for a minimum of ten years.

A spokesperson said: “The most recent round of proposed regulations contains a provision that makes it easier for QOFs to invest in multiple properties, allowing for a more diversified QOF portfolio with a single investment. However, it is important to note this provision has not been finalized, which is an element of risk that you should consider.”

You can read the report in full via the link provided!

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