Lawrence, IN Mental Health & Diversity Plant Medicine Therapies Support Healing!

Apr 16, 2024

Lawrence, IN – Soaring Heart Center – offers mental health counseling services and plant medicine therapies if you’re looking for personal growth, spiritual support, and opportunities to participate in community healing and advocacy work.

If you've been wanting to get serious about inner work and growth in a safe, accepting environment - check out the therapies available at Soaring Heart Center! The folks there are committed to supporting you with equity, dignity, justice, compassion, acceptance, embodiment, creativity, integrity, and love.

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Their mental health services include counseling for any personal issues you might be facing, like relationships, anxiety and depression, trauma, transitioning, and polyamory.

With appointment availability open throughout 2024, the therapeutical treatments take place at Soaring Heart Center’s Indianapolis facility, but are accessible for residents of Lawrence, Meridian-Kessler, Geist, Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Zionsville, and the surrounding areas.

Receive Holistic Support

Recent studies from the Journal of Neurotherapeutics show that evidence-based psychotherapeutical approaches offer a number of advantages, including helping to overcome the effects of past trauma and work through complicated identity questions. The therapies at Soaring Heart Center give you spiritual, emotional, psychological, and physical support.

“Our team works to heal wounds many of us have experienced ourselves,” explains a spokesperson. “Soaring Heart is a compassion engine that co-creates a richer, more rewarding life by offering deeply personal encounters with oneself and others.” Visit for more.

Benefit From Evidence-Based Practices

Therapies at the center include 1:1 sessions with trained mental health professionals, as well as group support. The center’s team applies evidence-based, current knowledge along with lived experiences and a shared passion for healing.

The center is perfect if you're wrestling with questions related to your sexuality, gender, or sexual orientation - including kink, trans, queer, and CNM. You'll also find compassionate support if you've had past trauma, find it hard to make decisions, or struggle to manage your energy levels.

Explore Personal Development

Led by Kathy Slaughter, LCSW, the team's psychotherapeutical approaches include a focus on consent and justice, while using plant medicines and spiritual practices in safe, evidence-based ways to support your personal growth and development. Along with therapy modalities, personal coaching and peer-to-peer education for topics like sex-positive parenting and ethical non-monogamy are available.

Previous clients have positive reviews for the center’s approach and services. “Kathy gives clear and insightful advice and is absolutely the best therapist for intelligent people who think they don’t like therapists,” says Susan H. “She’s been a life-changer and has helped me and my partner through some complicated and trauma-related issues. She’s LGBTQ+ friendly and also just a lovely, non-judgmental human. Highly recommend her practice!”

Start your healing journey today with support from Soaring Heart Center!

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