Inclusive Mental Health Center In Carmel, IN: Get Relationships & Sex Therapy

Apr 16, 2024

Carmel, IN – Soaring Heart Center – Indiana’s most inclusive, compassionate, LGBTQI+ and polyamory-friendly mental health center welcomes you to get the help you need.

If you’re looking for mental health support, sex therapy or polyamory counseling, you’ll find the most compassionate and inclusive care at Soaring Heart Center. As members of and proud supporters of the LGBTQI+ and ethical polyamory community, this is a place where you can get the help and support you need while being fearlessly and truly yourself.

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Mental Health Services That Welcome Everyone

Soaring Heart Center recognizes that identity, sexuality, gender and the American family all look different than they used to, and they are pleased to be at the forefront of compassionate mental health care that not only recognizes this diversity but celebrates it.

If you’re looking for sex therapy services, including polyamory counseling, that understand your life, you’ll find it here.

Compassionate Sex Therapy, Relationships Counseling & Polyamory Counseling

At Soaring Heart Center, you will find a highly trained team of therapists, counselors and life coaches who are both members of and advocates for the LGBTQI+ community and who support people of all gender identities and expressions and in all types of romantic and sexual relationships. 

The compassionate team of mental health professionals at Soaring Heart Center believe that there is a greater need in the Carmel community for mental health care that is genuinely and truly inclusive. That’s why they are so committed to creating a safe space in which you can speak freely about all of your mental health concerns, including your relationships, your sex life, and more. 

As a spokesperson for their team of therapists said, “We offer support to individuals who are: questioning their sexuality, gender, or sexual orientation (kink, trans, queer, CNM), who are struggling with past trauma, and who have difficulty managing energy and making decisions. Our team specializes in sex therapy, relationship counseling, anxiety and depression treatments, trauma therapy, transitioning support, and polyamory counseling.” 

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Soaring Heart Center, For Inclusive In-Person & Virtual Therapy

Soaring Heart Center is pleased to be the most inclusive and welcoming therapy center in Carmel and in the greater Indianapolis area. As a licensed mental health service provider that is committed to reducing the barriers to accessing care, they are pleased to now accept both Anthem BCBS and Medicare insurance. 

They can offer you one-on-one sessions—both in person and virtually—alone, with your partner or partners, and with your whole family, however it looks.

Their spokesperson added, “We welcome the diversity of humanity in all forms—relationship styles, romantic and sexual expression, gender, neurology, race, ethnicity, ability, age—you name it. We get it because we’re living it ourselves.”

You deserve care that understands you, and you can find it with Soaring Heart Center, at

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