Las Vegas Office opened by Pick Law to assist Elderly Victims of Abuse and Neglect

Jul 27, 2017

Pick Law is celebrating the launch of their new location which represents victims of elder abuse and neglect and handles personal injury cases in Las Vegas, Nevada. Further information can be found at

Pick Law is pleased to announce the opening of its Las Vegas branch. The firm focuses on representing victims of elder abuse and neglect as well as handles personal injury cases. Pick Law is excited to have its new location which opened at 1404 South Jones Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada 89146.

Pick Law was exclusively based in San Diego, California and opened its new branch in Las Vegas because it saw a need that was not being met properly for Las Vegas residents regarding problems with abuse and neglect of the elderly in the community. Pick Law has been representing elderly victims of abuse and neglect and doing personal injury cases since 2010 and looks forward to helping Las Vegas residents with these same types of issues.

Lukas Pick, owner of Pick Law says, "We are excited to work with the Las Vegas community with the launch of our new our location. There was simply a need that needed to be fulfilled in Las Vegas as not very many law firms in Las Vegas are handling these types of cases. So I decided to take the Nevada bar exam with the hope of making a difference in Las Vegas in helping the elderly who need our help. It is our goal to fill the gap that was missing as we have done in the San Diego area since 2010."

Pick Law has always made a point of standing out when compared to other law firms that practice in the same area. In San Diego, Lukas Pick was given the award of Super Lawyer Rising Star and in 2010 was the Top Young Attorney Nominee.

This will be a great change for Las Vegas, Nevada residents as it will make the community a better place for the elderly and support a hard working local business.

Pick Law has served hundreds of clients in Southern California and is just getting started in the Las Vegas area but the results it has received so far are already outstanding.

Lukas Pick also said, "While Pick Law may not be the only business with this kind of experience, local residents are choosing Pick Law because I have a proven track record of providing results for my clients and I get the results that these clients need."

Further information about Pick Law and how the firm represents victims of elder abuse and neglect can be discovered at

People can also learn more about Pick Law by visiting their social profiles on Facebook; Twitter; and Google Plus.

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