Lakeside Bed & Breakfast In Costa Rica: Top Turnkey Business Property Investment

Mar 25, 2022

There’s a new addition to the Costa Rica real estate listings. Beautiful 5.5-acre property with three turnkey businesses is now available for sale. Call 970-256-9700 today to book a tour!

Lakeside Bed & Breakfast In Costa Rica: Top Turnkey Business Property Investment

Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful vacation scenes in the world. If you want to live or run a business amidst this beauty, don't miss out on this property!

The Lucky Bug property is a 5.5-acre stretch of land in Nuevo Arenal, bordered by the rainforest. Tucked into the heart of Guanacaste province — a popular vacation destination — this property promises high returns on investment.

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Do you want to make a bold entry into the hospitality industry? This is your chance! Given its location, aesthetics, and buildings, you can also convert the property towards other revenue-generating purposes.

The Nuevo Arenal property consists of three established businesses and other unique attractions. It has a four-bedroom private home, a five-room B&B, a restaurant, an art gallery, additional living quarters, and a private lake.

The Lucky Bug Bed and Breakfast features in many foreign guidebooks and is ranked among the top one percent B&Bs in the world. It ranks second in Costa Rica and has won the annual TripAdvisor's Traveler's Choice award multiple times.

Due to its performance, the B&B is a turnkey business with high market value. It has enough room for twelve people and you can modify it to accommodate more. A beautiful butterfly garden, a large patio, and the lakeside view lend to its arresting charm.

You can access the 5-Star restaurant, Caballo Negro, from the main road around Lake Arenal. A steady stream of guests, tourists, and locals troop in to enjoy the local and international cuisine prepared by the chef including schnitzels, reubens, and huevos rancheros.

Caballo Negro is thriving; it has gained nationwide popularity for its picturesque views of the private lake and the rainforest. The restaurant supports wheelchair access and visitors can enjoy free Wi-Fi.

The third business on the property is the Lucky Bug Art Gallery. It features scones, decorations, lamps, paintings, and other forms of art created by Costa Rican artists. 

High-quality pieces from the art gallery furnish many houses and hotels in the area. You'll also find that tourists and visitors come in to buy art pieces to serve as souvenirs and gifts.

There is a wide range of activities that guests at the Lucky Bug B&B can engage in on the property. These activities include fishing, canoeing, swimming, and birdwatching.

The best thing about this property is that you can profit from it as is or modify it to suit your tastes. The garden can become a massage room and the patio can serve as a yoga lawn.

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