Keep Your Coffee Maker On This Handy Countertop Storage Sliding Caddy Tray

Oct 19, 2023

Kitchen storage made easy – fit your juicer onto this unique kitchen caddy and slide it smoothly towards you when it’s time for a refreshing beverage. It’s just as good with toasters, blenders, and more!

You have two choices: either keep your coffee maker out in the middle of the countertop where it’s always in the way, or keep it under a cabinet where you’ll have to awkwardly lift it up and out whenever you want to use it. Sigh… wait, there’s a third option? 

This kitchen slide-out tray is made available for you across the USA via Amazon. It provides you and your family with a handy storage tool that doubles as a kitchen caddy gadget. Compatible with most small appliances spanning toasters to coffee makers and more, the product will slide smoothly across your countertop to eliminate hassle. 

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Perfect Life Ideas intends the sliding tray to serve as a convenient solution for streamlined storage and appliance usage in home kitchens. Comprised of sturdy ABS material, the countertop storage and organizer item is ideal as a holiday or birthday gift for homeowners as well as those of you with newly renovated kitchens. 

You’ll benefit from the tray’s functional versatility. Capable of holding appliances weighing up to 25lb, the kitchen caddy can help to declutter your kitchen by enabling you to keep such appliances in a more presentable location. 

As an example, the tray is described as particularly useful for holding appliances underneath low-hanging cabinets when they’re not being used. It then allows for their simple and convenient access whenever you need them by sliding towards you effortlessly. 

Thus, you’re able to use the kitchen caddy sliding tray to hold a variety of small kitchen appliances, including toasters. Its manufacturer points to the non-skid, non-slip product as a multifunctional protective accessory, preventing you from scratching your delicate kitchen countertop by dragging your appliances unnecessarily - as you used to do! 

The innovative kitchen gadget’s tray is easy to move, owing to its smooth rolling wheel-sets. With a sleek, compact size, its dimensions are suited to fit neatly on surfaces - whether you have a small apartment kitchen or a larger room. In the interest of maximizing its convenience, the non-toxic shelf tray is further designed to be easily washed.

A company representative said of the new product: “A top choice among kitchen must-haves, the kitchen caddy sliding tray is the perfect accessory you need for organization and storage. Stop working harder, and work smarter - the tray works great with many small kitchen appliances like coffee makers, juicers, blenders, food processors, and more.” 

Slide to the left, slide to the right - this kitchen caddy is a welcome sight! If you’re in the United States, check out to learn more about the new kitchen caddy sliding tray you need - brought to you by Perfect Life Ideas! 

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