Join Midday Workout Sessions At This Oakridge Vancouver Personal Training Studio

Aug 28, 2022

Is the long commute after work preventing you from squeezing in a workout session? If you’re in Oakridge or anywhere in Vancouver, join a quick lunchtime class at T-Squared Fitness and hit those PRs!

Join Midday Workout Sessions At This Oakridge Vancouver Personal Training Studio

There are now fitness programs that let you see results with just two or three weekly workout sessions. But let’s face it, getting those two sessions in is still a struggle for many people.

This is why T-Squared Personal Training is introducing a series of training programs for those keen on exercising in between their work shifts. If you want to get a quick sweat session in the afternoon, then this is perfect for you.

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With this move, the studio seeks to provide more options to individuals who are heading back to their offices after working from home for nearly two years. While being a convenient option for people on the go, afternoon workouts also have added physical and mental benefits. A Time article reported recently that because people typically start these programs after a meal, they might feel a performance boost owing to having more glucose in the blood.

T-Squared Personal Training offers you both individual and small group training sessions. In the former, veteran personal trainer Troy Tyrell will listen to your fitness goals and craft a custom program that targets your problem areas. Depending on your needs, these personalized programs can undergo improvements to keep them engaging and help you push past plateaus.

Troy’s group classes differ in that they are kept small, limited only to a maximum number of five participants. He explained that this is to make sure that you get the attention and coaching you need to improve your posture and form. This setup can give you accountability buddies who can motivate you to shoot for higher goals.

T-Squared Personal Training is confident that its programs work, which is why it’s currently offering a “five-session guarantee”. It works like this: if you don’t see results after five sessions, you get two more classes from Troy for free.

But based on the experience of past clients, you’ll probably end up signing up for more classes because of the transformation you'll see in your body.

“I have been training with Troy for just about a year now and the changes I have made in my body over that year are really astonishing to me,” one client wrote on their Google review. “My posture is better, my muscles are fit and toned, I’ve cut away most of the annoying baby fat around my pectorals and abdomen, and I’m more confident in myself than I ever have been. Highly recommended!”

About T-Squared Personal Training

Located in Downtown Vancouver, the studio is led by Troy Tyrell, a personal trainer with 20 years of experience coaching people of all fitness levels in various exercise modalities including, weightlifting, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and injury rehabilitation.

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