Join BK Adventure On An Unforgettable Bioluminescent Bay Tour in Cocoa Beach

Jul 26, 2021

Looking for a unique adventure on your Florida vacation? BK Adventure (+1-407-519-8711) offers bioluminescent tours you’ll never forget along the famous Bioluminescent Bay!

Are you looking for a unique and wonderful experience on your trip to Florida? Fancy a nighttime adventure you’ll never forget? Then BK Adventure has just what you need!

The tour group now offers bioluminescence tours along Cocoa Beach between May and September.

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The newly announced services offer tourists and locals in the Florida area the opportunity to enjoy the stunning visuals afforded along the Banana River and the Indian River.

Bioluminescence is the light emitted by organisms as a result of the chemical reactions that take place within them. These chemical reactions release energy in the form of light, and are used by certain organisms as a defense mechanism or to lure in prey. When seen in the water, bioluminescent organisms normally give off a blue-ish, green light.

In the summer months, both the Banana and Indian River of Florida (known to some as Bioluminescent Bay) exhibit a beautiful, bright display of bioluminescence, which is best seen at night, when there’s very little to no moonlight.

Tours in the Cocoa Beach area from BK Adventure take place around the Kiwanis Island between May and September each year, though year-round tours are available around the Merritt Island Wildlife refuge.

Over the course of 90 minutes, the tour takes you on a journey to experience the wonder and beauty of Florida’s dinoflagellates, otherwise known as bioluminescent plankton.

Tours use transparent tandem kayaks that function much like glass upon the water, allowing you to see everything as clearly as possible. They also take place between 8.30 and midnight for optimum light conditions to see the bioluminescence.

This latest service launch is in line with the company’s commitment to providing quality, informative and entertaining tours for customers in Cocoa Beach and the Titusville area of Florida.

A satisfied customer said: “Rhett and Wilson were so great, they were both so laid back and knowledgeable. We saw the plankton and the jellies, and they even let me borrow a net so that I could look for the jellies. The see-through kayaks were so cool and gave such a great view while we paddled. We will definitely do this again when we come back – thank you guys for the amazing experience.”

BK Adventure is the experience eco-tour specialist you need to see the bioluminescent wonders of Cocoa Beach in all their glory!

Ready to go on the adventure of a lifetime? Visit to book your tour now!

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