Jersey City Street Art Long Sleeve Cotton Tee Has Image By Popular Photographer

Mar 7, 2024

Whether you’re a photography, street art, or Jersey City lover, Sarah James Jazz Merch’s long-sleeved cotton t-shirt is perfect for you. This is wearable art at its finest.

If you love Jersey City, you can show your pride with Sarah James Jazz Merch’s ‘2 Women Jersey City Long Sleeve Tee’. This special and incredibly unique long-sleeved t-shirt features one of Sarah James’ most popular photographs, capturing a beautiful mural on the streets of Jersey City in New Jersey.

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Sarah James, Jersey City’s Most Exciting Street Photographer

Sarah James has become well known throughout Jersey City and nearby New York City for her photographs of urban life, of graffiti and street art, of ephemera and objects at the periphery, and of the citizens of two of the world’s most lively cities.

In a fashion culture increasingly defined by mass-produced fast fashion, she is pleased to be offering you her distinctive photographic eye and a unique way to wear works of genuine art. 

Wear Her Graffiti Street Art Tee For The Ultimate JC Look

With the ‘2 Women Jersey City Long Sleeve Tee’, Sarah James and her team are bringing you a new design featuring one of her most iconic photographs from Jersey City. Showing a street art mural with two women’s faces in profile, surrounded by a oneiric mural of flowers and colored lines, James has cleverly juxtaposed this graffiti mural with the lines of the bar fence that rises above it and the edging of wintery leafless trees beyond. 

Sarah James herself said of the image, “This image is from a wall on the hill going up to Jersey City from Hoboken on the back end across the RR tracks. When I saw this image, I immediately loved it. It conveys a feeling of everyday women going about their daily activities and represents those women as friends, looking like they have agency, looking like they have business to take care of. Wear this tee to celebrate Jersey City in all its cultural glory. Wear it with pride.” 

Customize Your Tee & Find Your Style

The new long-sleeved cotton tee is available in sizes small to 3XL and has been made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton. You can also select the tee in cherry red, royal blue, bold purple, bright pink, or hunter green. The team at Sarah James Jazz Merch particularly recommends their hunter-green shade to you to complement the rich green hues captured in the central photograph. 

The ‘2 Women Jersey City Long Sleeve Tee’ is sustainably printed on demand, which means the t-shirt you order will be made just for you

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